Author: Kiki Clark

Category: LGBT

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Will her heart get what it wants?

She ran for her life… right into the arms of a hunky Montana sheriff. What will happen when he discovers there’s an arrest warrant out for her?

Sara Browning thought she’d found the perfect man. But instead of spending Christmas with her new husband, she’s on the run. Desperate to escape him, she’s been on the road for days. Now she’s ill in the middle of a snowy Montana winter. When she stops for medicine, she bumps into gorgeous Trent Harding, the local sheriff. Eager to escape his scrutiny and running out of cash, she’s forced to use her credit card. The only problem is now she can be traced. She needs to get back on the road – and fast!

Trent senses something is wrong. Not only is Sara ill, but she’s also completely unprepared for the Montana winter. And her story doesn’t add up. As an ex-FBI man and sheriff, Trent knows how to trace a name and a license plate. What he doesn’t bank on is how Sara Browning will change his life and the lives of those around him.

Castle Peaks, Montana is about to have a new resident…