Author: Matthew Fraser

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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5500 years old. Forged in fire. He's a god you've forgotten, fighting the monsters who haven't forgotten you.The Adventures of Edward Brett: Volume One tells the thrilling tales of bad-joke loving god, Edward Brett, and his human best friend, Wanda Smith as they travel Great Britain in a campervan, fighting monsters and solving supernatural mysteries. From defeating a sentient forest to doing battle with the devil, and from going on a road trip with the ghost of Anne Boleyn to being hunted by demons in a shopping centre, Edward and Wanda have never a dull moment in the first volume of this new series. They'll laugh, they'll cry, they'll have frights and see wonders ... and occasionally eat a pork scratching. Are you coming along for the ride? Contains all ten exciting chapters in Volume One:Grin and Bear it - Murky Water - Roots - The Devil in the Snow - Seventy Five - Judge it Kindly - Deal - Hunt of the Skree - The Nightmare Realm - The Vengeful God