Teaching Your Child to Read by Jessica Wang

Author: Jessica Wang, Lu Jun

Category: Parenting & Family

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Is your young child often disinterested in the books you bring home for them? Do you wish they would develop a love for reading that they could take into middle school and beyond?
Some children love reading, requesting the same books over and over again and giggling with delight each time, while others simply despise sitting down for story time. What makes the difference in these two types of children? No child is born knowing how to read, so where does their interest come from? How do you encourage it?
Like eating and drinking, reading is a daily necessity for every child. Parents should consciously guide and conform to their children’s interest in reading with appropriate reading materials whenever possible. Books should take priority over watching television and playing video games. Professional and systematic training can help children start to love reading, maintain good reading habits, and improve their reading ability.
Teaching Your Child to Read is a guide book for parents looking to get their children, ages 3 to 6, interested in reading. It explains how to help children cultivate reading ability step by step, as well as answers the questions of Why should I? and How do I? when it comes to specific exercises.
Tools parents will learn to use in their efforts include:
interval questioning
object comparing
emotional contrasting
plot mapping
and more!