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Say goodbye to scratching your head in confusionThis book on taxes could be the answer you're looking for...Filing taxes is something every business in America needs to do and there is a lot that needs to be learned in this process. It does not matter if you are self-employed or own a limited liability company (LLC). You need to know what the difference is regarding taxes and how to get the most out of your return. Payroll taxes may seem scary. However, you will start to see how simple they are as you read through Chapter 2 of this book. Do you know what deductions you can make as an individual taxpayer and as a business? There are so many tax breaks for a small business that you need to consider. You will see the updated information for deductions and credits that are available to you based on the new GOP tax bill. Best of all, learn how to make the new tax bill work for you so you can maximize your deductions.With the help of this book, you will learn how you can get through those grueling audits and survive the pressure of Uncle Sam and his squad of tax informants. If you have not filed the previous year’s taxes, then you may want to check out Chapter 5 as we discuss IRS survival and this particular issue. In chapter 6, you will learn how to make your business taxes work for your business. As a special bonus, in chapter 7, you'll get examples of each of the IRS forms discussed throughout the chapters so you can see what they look like and their purpose.Here are just some of the topics that are discussed within this book:Differences Between LLC and Self-Employed TaxesPayroll Taxes and How to Best Manage ThemKnowing Your Tax Deductions, Exemptions and CreditsCapital Gains and LossesYour Business and the IRSMaking Your Business Taxes Work for YouForms for SuccessSo, what are you waiting for? Start your learning now by downloading this magnificent book