Author: Jeff Wheeler

Category: Fantasy

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It began with a wishing lantern and a shimmer faerie.

Wall Street Journal-

bestselling author Jeff Wheeler has compiled a rich collection of short stories filled with revenge, battles, hope, and gut-punching endings.

Enter Tales from Kingfountain, Muirwood, and more...Immerse yourself in worlds with tragic kingdoms and mad kings, magic communication with bees in a haunted ruins, a boy who serves the mystical Ravenmaster of Pent Tower, and the secrets of Metamorphistry.Readers will enjoy new tales in both worlds they love as well as exciting new settings in

Tales from Kingfountain, Muirwood, and Beyond: The Worlds of Jeff Wheeler

.This imaginative collection of thirteen works, including both fantasy and science fiction, will delight readers who enjoy Terry Brooks, Charlie N. Holmberg, and Brandon Sanderson.Collection includes:The Poisoner's Revenge (Kingfountain)The Lost Abbey (Muirwood)Sorieul's Eyes (Muirwood)Seeking Kenatos (Mirrowen)The Beesinger's Daughter (Deep Magic)Starman and Zuki (Deep Magic)El Chupacabra (Deep Magic)Metamorphistry (Deep Magic)Sleepwalkers (Landmoor)Wizard Auditions (Deep Magic)The Ravenmaster (Deep Magic)The Falling of the Archeantus (Deep Magic)The Wishing Lantern