Author: Di Jones

Category: Humor

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Acting Ambitions. Hollywood Heartbreak. Doggy Deliverance.

What would you do if you were an aspiring actress offered a part in a TV series in Los Angeles…but had to give up everything else important to you to achieve that dream?Twenty-one-year-old Tessa Taylor drops out of college and leaves her home in Washington, DC, to pursue her lifelong ambition of becoming an actress. Offered a part in a new TV series called Adventures of a Hollywood Dog Walker, her decision to accept it comes at a price, and not only because she doesn’t like dogs. Tinseltown is tough, stardom elusive, and LA exorbitantly expensive.It's not long before her dreams completely crumble: her relationship ends, and so does the pilot TV show she's working on. Her heart bruised, Tessa compromises to make ends meet and tries one disastrous job after another. She’s fired from her job in a boring insurance company, as a waitress in a second-rate steak joint, and can’t even excel in her part as a juice carton in a TV ad for orange juice.When a fortunate coincidence leads her to a job she never thought she’d do—dog walking—a new life unfolds. She meets a new group of friends and makes some interesting human and canine clients. One of these is the strikingly good-looking Ryan Richwhite and his British bulldog Clemmie. Ryan asks her out, but is he for real, or about to be another mistake in her Los Angeles adventure?Taking the Lead: Adventures of a Hollywood Dog Walker is more than just a walk in the park. It’s a humorous and heart-warming romantic comedy, infused with a touch of action, adventure, and mystery, which will appeal to dog lovers and chick-lit readers alike. It’s a perfect read for fans of The Dogfather series by Roxanne St. Claire, the Love & Pets Romantic Comedy Series by A.G. Henley, and the Gold Coast Retrievers series by Ann Omasta. It will also appeal to readers of Tammy L. Grace and Dianne Harman.If must love dogs is more than a catchphrase to you, buy this fun contemporary romance, the first book in the LA Lights series. While all the books in the series are interconnected and the characters recur, each can be read as a stand-alone novel. An entertaining, light-hearted read for those who love dogs, Taking the Lead was a 2016 Finalist in the Readers' Favorite Fiction - Animals category.

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