Author: Jada Ryker

Category: Cozy Mysteries

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"TAKE THE BODY AND RUN is a fast-paced ride with a sparkling character and written in a new, original voice. This is a don't-miss debut." -Carolyn Haines, USA Today bestselling author of Pluto's Snitch and Sarah Booth Delaney  ~*~  The Kindle Scout Winner is FREE through PRIME and Kindle Unlimited ~*~ Macey's first day in the college employee relations department ends with a knife at her throat. Macey is certain things can't get any worse. She's wrong. An angry employee vows to put her on an online hit list. When he turns up dead, she's a suspect--and on the hit list.  To keep her secrets and her life, Macey partners with two unexpected allies who cause her pulse to race with steamy attraction--and exasperating annoyance. Vince, a handsome, driven lawman, digs up more than just clues to the brutal murder. Brett, a fun-loving pathologist with a deadly sense of humor, drives everyone crazy with his have fart machine-will travel. Macey's supersized black cat Wikket, possessing courage, curiosity, and crankiness in equal portions, assists in his own grumpy, feline fashion, golden eyes open and claws extended.                                                                                                                                                                                                Macey Malloy Mysteries with a Chick-Lit Twist SeriesSassy Macey Malloy and her grumpy cat Wikket debuted in Take the Body and Run. The Kindle Scout winner is about a hunted woman, a handsome lawman, a have fart machine-will travel doctor, and a crime-solving cat.The series is fun to read in any order. Here's the list in chronological order.#0 - Prequel: Two Tickets to Paradise Macey risks her life when she's embroiled in a brutal murder, and meets her feline, crime-solving partner. The novelette appears in the Kindle Scout winners' anthology, Winter Solstice. The story is also included in Gone Cat and Other Stories.#1 - Take the Body and RunThe Kindle Scout winner is a "goofy thriller" about a hunted woman, a handsome lawman, a have fart machine-will travel doctor, and a crime-solving cat.#2 - Take a Walk on the Dead SideMacey and Wikket, her crabby cat with a nose for crime, plunge headlong into danger when a stalker targets an innocent college student. Terrified for the girl, Macey tries to help her, only to be trapped in the web of deceit with tangled links to missing women.#3: Take Her to the RiverMacey has to solve a murder, and find her missing friend, Leila. The investigation hurtles Macey and Wikket into a desperate killer's path. Will they survive, even with Wikket's unusual brand of help?#4: Gone Cat and Other Stories In the prequel novelette Two Tickets to Paradise, Macey risks her life when she's embroiled in a brutal murder and meets her feline, crime-solving partner. The novella Runnin' with the Devil Cat resumes the story right after Take Her to the River. The action continues with the short story "What the Cat Dragged In," and the novelettes Cat Scratch Fever and Gone Cat.