Author: Megan Haskell

Category: Fantasy

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Deal starts: August 26, 2019

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A kick-ass heroine and carnivorous pixies with attitude...what's not to love?

Rie is only human. The elves have made that very clear. But when she's attacked by assassins and framed for treason, things become less certain. To prove her innocence, Rie must journey across the nine faerie realms and test her limits behind enemy lines. Join her on an epic adventure to save her head...and prevent a war that could annihilate everything and everyone she holds dear.

If you like action-packed fantasy filled with mythological creatures, magic, and mayhem, you won't want to miss this award-winning book from Megan Haskell!

A Tide Worth Turning

Author: Beth Wiseman

Category: Christian Fiction

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Addison Burke is a successful real estate agent who specializes in high-end closings and who enjoys an elite lifestyle not often afforded someone her age (27). But following a stroke and a recent fall, Addison is forced to hire a caregiver for her estranged mother, Lee Ann; a job Addison chooses not to take on, despite her financial freedom to do so. She hires an agency to fill the position, and to her surprise, they send a man for the job.

Logan has somehow managed to keep his act together despite a past that is slowly catching up with him. If he can make enough money over the next couple of months by tending to Lee Ann Burke, he should be able to flee the country before his world comes crashing down around him. But when Lee Ann’s beautiful daughter, Addison, begins to awaken feelings in him that he thought died long ago, he begins to question whether or not fleeing from the past is worth leaving Addison forever.

Will Addison let down her guard for love and renew her relationship with her mother? Can Logan face his past, come out unscathed, and act on his feelings for Addison? And why is Lee Ann selling everything she owns on Ebay and Craig’s List?



Author: Kellie Coates Gilbert

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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Deal starts: August 23, 2019

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Tender, funny, and wonderfully moving, SISTERS celebrates the joys and heartaches shared by three sisters living in the mountain resort known as Sun Valley, the mistakes made in the name of love and the healing power of new beginnings.

Dangerous Kisses, Gruesome Bites

Author: Robin Goldblum

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Deal starts: August 21, 2019

Deal ends: August 24, 2019


When a viciously mangled corpse is discovered, Jane struggles to keep her students calm and safe. The Apaches blame wendigos, but Calvin has trouble believing his trading partners. A demon who possesses the dead and craves human flesh sounds like a campfire tale.

Then Jane’s daughter is attacked, and her husband is too drunk to care. Calvin offers his rifle and his shoulder to the sweet schoolteacher. Jane and Calvin try to combine their knowledge despite their dangerous attraction, but Jane’s husband objects, violently.

The hanging of an outlaw exposes a gruesome truth—anyone could become a wendigo. A rider goes out for help, but his horse comes back without him. The town of Morely will stand or fall on its own. Shots are fired, secrets are exposed and love is tested. Can the townsfolk band together or will Morley become another ghost town?

Atlanta’s Angel (Vampire Vignettes)

Author: Mary Hughes, MJ Chase

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Deal starts: August 18, 2019

Deal ends: August 20, 2019


I’m Detective Leah Mackenzie, a human with the Atlanta PD. My partner and I are investigating the graveyard homicide of a young woman when arrogant master of the city Michael Obsidian stalks onto the scene.

Obsidian declares my case vampire business. Human hands off.

Tightly furious, I follow him to his lair to convince him he’s wrong. Yeah, I confront the strongest freaking vampire in the state, so what? My heart’s pounding in fear, too—bloodsuckers, even the lawful ones, are predators governed by deadly instincts born at the dawn of time. But Mom always said to do what was right, even if I had to go it alone. I need to get justice for the victim.

Then I get a lead on the killer that takes me straight into wild vampire territory, and going it alone threatens to turn me into the next homicide.

Special note to Biting Love fans—This isn't the Biting Love Universe. This is a short, first-meet story in a post-Unmasking universe. While there's sensual tension, it's meant for general audiences. There are vampires and snark, though. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!