Author: Emma Calin

Category: Romantic Suspense

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A thug pulls a knife on a mean London street.

Rookie cop Olivia Johnston-Denny steps up. When irresistible American congressman Jackson T. Paine intervenes, her life is changed for ever.
Olivia is a fiery Scot. Jackson’s a cool Oklahoma boy. Feel the heat of the chemical reaction.

Tipped as a future president, ruthless opponents plot his downfall. When he faces them down, he stands alone for the final showdown.

He has one invincible weapon. A woman in love.

Read now to discover the victory of the human heart against the odds.

In Style 4 Now

Author: Janet Leigh

Category: Historical Romance

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Jennifer Cloud is certain of three things: Women are just as capable as men of catching a thief. Traveling back in time is not all fun, games, and vintage Italian leather grosgrain shoes. And saving the woman who turned your life upside down can get you killed.
The smarmy Mitchell Mafuso is picking up souvenirs from the infamous gangsters Bonnie and Clyde and has no intention of being caught by the female transporter.
The World Travel Federation (WTF) has banned female transporters from traveling shotgun to the male defenders in their hunt for the brigands seeking to change crucial events in history.
When Jennifer finds out not only has her sexy defender been injured, but her great aunt Elma is in cahoots with the Barrow Gang and shooting up the past.
Jennifer may not be the best transporter, but she’s the cleverest. Join her as she travels back to the time of moonshine, speakeasies, and infamous gangsters.

Daughter of Odysseus: Ithaka Calling

Author: Vasiliki

Category: Literary Fiction

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Daughter of Odysseus: Ithaka Calling is the first in the Daughter of Odysseus trilogy.
Teenage Christine stands at the threshold of adulthood. A first-generation Australian of Greek descent, Christine has always been indifferent to her heritage: Greek school is a bore; her father’s patriotism is uninspiring; and the people around her deride Greeks as subhuman.
Then Christine is betrayed by those closest to her, and she plunges into deep depression. From the abyss of despair and nihilism, something stirs within her: a deep desire to reclaim her heritage and find meaning and fulfilment through the tradition and spirituality of her ancestors.
Paralleling the great Odysseus’ journey home, Daughter of Odysseus is not merely a story of homecoming; it is a story of hope over despair, of adventure and love, of needing to belong and a yearning to escape from mundanity; of deep spiritual yearning in a post-Christian world.
Christine learns and grows with every step in her journey. And she can’t help but wonder: Is it the destination or journey that truly matters in life?

Book’em Sadie

Author: Danielle Norman

Category: New Adult Romance

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Motorcycle deputy, Sadie Lazar is no damsel in distress. After all, the only man capable of getting a job done is a woMAN. She loves her life of independence. But when she is on scene at a mass car pile-up and finds a missing child, a pair of piercing blue eyes changes her world.

Widower, single-dad, Dr. Ryan Montgomery is in over his head. It's been four years since his wife's death and his former mother-in-law refuses to let him move on. When he finally starts dating, an accident makes him realize that dating a cop could put him right back in a world of grief and loss--a place he barely survived the first time around.

Now, two people who are used to saving others are forced to save themselves: one from a lonely future and one from a broken past.

When The Right One Comes Along

Author: Martha Hoover

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Deal ends: June 13, 2019


Love happens when you least expect it.
Ridge Romano is determined to get his veteran's bill through Congress—he’s got no time for fun. But one tiny, uncharacteristic slip-up—a crazy hour on stage in a strip bingo contest—is about to blow his carefully laid plans sky high.
Former model, Buffy Calloway has found the perfect face for her new agency—but he's not a model. Yet. A former Ranger, Ridge lost his brother to the war. Like many wounded soldiers, John committed suicide. Now as CEO of MedBionics, Ridge is on a mission to ensure John’s death was not in vain. With a “yes” vote on the bill, his Consortium will take over the care of his fellow soldiers and their families.
The Calloways have always known when the right one comes along and Buffy knows Ridge is her everything—the perfect face for her franchise, and the perfect fit for her heart. After an expose´ in the Washington Post sends him running, Buffy calls some friends. With hope in her heart and the help of some extraordinary women, Buffy intends to show him she’s more than just a frivolous swim suit model and it’s okay to have fun while pursuing your goals. But will her efforts be enough to make Ridge choose a life with her?