Apocalyptic Beginnings (Boxed Set)

Author: The Reanimated Writers

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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The Reanimated Writers bring you this HUGE collection of zombie apocalypse fiction from 9 of today's hottest zompoc authors, including many Best-Sellers! This is a limited time release... grab your copy now!”

Nearing 1 million words and billions of zombies, this collection will keep you clutching your pillow as you read until the light of dawn!

The set includes
Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo
Planet Dead by Sylvester Barzey
Undead Ultra by Camille Picott
Deep Darkness by Stephen Landry
The Zee Brothers: Zombie Exterminators by Grivante
Aftershock by Kristopher Lioudis & Valerie Lioudis
Zombie High by Jeremy Flagg
Underground by John Grover
Z-Day Series by Daniel Humphreys

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Panic Point

Author: Bill Briscoe

Category: Mysteries

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When the love of his life goes missing, he'll risk everything to find her.

After Earl’s bride vanishes in the Smoky Mountains on their honeymoon, the former Navy SEAL is certain she’s been abducted. Worse, a storm has washed away any potential evidence, and with nothing to go on, the park rangers call off the official search.

Then another woman disappears in the same area. Can one last lead help Earl find Morgan before he loses her forever?

Switching Hour

Author: Robyn Peterman

Category: Paranormal Romance

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“Switching Hour is “funny, fast-paced, and filled with laugh-out-loud dialogue. Robyn Peterman delivers a sidesplitting, sexy tale of powerful witches and magical delights. I devoured Switching Hour in one sitting!”
~ Ann Charles, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Deadwood Humorous Mystery Series

Too Clever by Half

Author: Nancy Yeager

Category: Historical Romance

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Two brilliant scholars engaged in a battle of wits, and seduced by the lure of passion.

Mr. James Alcott has carved out his place in the world with an esteemed position at Harrow School. But when the school changes direction, he's set adrift. He can redeem himself by founding a scholarship program if he wins the annual Duke's Trust competition for seed money. A seemingly simple task. Until a mysterious competitor enters the race.

?Lady Tessa Harmsworth has fabricated the reclusive Mr. Pettibone as the champion of her women's education fund. It's the only way a woman can enter the Duke's Trust competition, let alone win it. And Tessa intends to win. Until her annoyingly clever opponent sets out to uncover her ruse.

?As Tessa and James match wits, their spirited rivalry turns into heated passion. With the coveted prize hanging in the balance, they must choose between their lifelong dreams and their reckless hearts.

?Too Clever by Half is a novella in Harrow's Finest Five series, Victorian Romances about smart women, sexy, men, steamy passions, and the occasional scandal.

Meant To Be

Author: Jessica James

Category: Romantic Suspense

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What do you do when the person you most want to protect is the one risking everything to make sure you survive?

It started as a chance encounter on the beach, and ended 24 hours later when they parted to go their separate ways.

Or so they thought.

WHEN LAUREN CANTRELL said goodbye to the guy she had just met on the beach, she had no way of knowing their paths would ever cross again. But fate had another unexpected meeting in store for them—this time in a place where danger was part of the culture and the stakes were life and death.

THE LAST PERSON in the world Michael “Rad” Radcliff expected to see at a special ops briefing in Afghanistan is the girl he met at the beach two weeks ago—the one he can’t stop thinking about.

From the sundrenched beaches of Ocean City, Md. to the snowcapped mountains of Afghanistan, this thrilling tale of espionage and intrigue takes readers on a spellbinding journey into the secret lives of our nation’s quiet heroes.

Winner of the Golden Leaf Award for Romantic Suspense, Readers’ Favorite International Book Award, and Gold Medal from Military Writers Society of America.