Gathering Water

Author: Regan Claire

Category: Fantasy

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“Her name was Gabriella Deare, and she was from North Carolina. There are some things that go to you.”

Knowledge really is power when you don’t know who you are.
Jane Doe.
It was all Della ever knew of her mother.
No identification.
No family to tie her to.
Then, on her eighteenth birthday, Della’s life was flipped upside down by one thin, manila folder. Growing up in the foster system, she never really had anything to call her own, not even a last name revealing any real association to anyone. Now, the truth was exposed, but there was still so much she didn’t know.
Hoping to learn more about the mother she never knew, and maybe discover a bit more about herself along the way, Della travels across the country seeking answers—and finds far more than she bargained for.
An unimaginable world—one on the brink of war—is pulling her in, and making her claim a birthright she never knew she wanted.
There’s a storm brewing on the horizon, and as the pressure builds, it will take everything Della has not to drown in a destiny she didn’t choose.

Dark City

Author: Catherine Lee

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Wife. Mother. Friend. Missing Person.

Rebecca Gilmore went out last night. She didn’t come home.

With the vicious Adultery Killer still on the loose, Detective Charlie Cooper is paying special attention to missing women. As he investigates Rebecca’s disappearance, he soon realises everyone close to the suburban housewife has something to hide. Is this the work of the elusive serial killer, or someone closer to home?

A tale of families, greed, corruption, and murder, Dark City is the prequel novella to the Dark Series.


Author: Kirk Alex

Category: Horror

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Anatomy of a Serial Butcher
Book One (of Two)


Who knew the minister next door
was also a sadistic predator?

Cecil Omar Biggs is not your average man of the cloth. By day, he appears to be a hardworking preacher, but once night descends upon the quiet Southern California neighborhood where Biggs resides, his darker self emerges. Living a double life as a sex fiend and brutal murderer, he enjoys luring innocent victims into his basement lair by any means possible.

Converting an old house into a church, Biggs becomes the perfect wolf in sheep’s clothing, which also puts him in the ideal position to attract his unsuspecting prey. He lives to satisfy his sinister appetites without remorse or limits, indulging in his more violent tendencies as soon as the sun goes down by torturing and killing the women he abducts in his dungeon of doom.

But how long can Biggs keep up the nice-guy-next-door pretense while secretly living as a homicidal maniac? And what happens when the locals start suspecting that there’s more to this seemingly harmless Bible-thumper than meets the eye?

“LUSTMORD: Anatomy of a Serial Butcher
Book Two (of Two)

His victims’ agony is still his sadistic ecstasy in this spine-tingling conclusion!

The bodies are piling up, but in Bishop Cecil O. Biggs’s twisted mind, the body count is still lacking. Even with all the victims dangling from meat hooks in his basement and cadavers rotting in his lair of carnal depravity, the Sinister Minister’s craving for blood and human flesh remains unquenched.

Desperate to leave behind a legacy as the most notorious sex slayer in the state of California, Biggs stalks San Fernando Valley strip joints and LA hooker hotspots in search of potential victims in a van he has christened the Meat Wagon. He likes to lure unsuspecting prey into his dark world by resorting to whatever means possible: drugs, booze, cash, or trickery.

But now the stench of death billowing from his cellar furnace is starting to arouse suspicion, which might ultimately hinder his grisly exploits. And when this remorseless sociopath’s neighbors become concerned, and the family and friends of the missing young men and women unite to converge on this house of horrors, it might finally put an end to Biggs’s sadistic sexual rituals. But not if he can prevent it. . .

Spells and Spiced Latte

Author: Jinty James

Category: Cozy Mysteries

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Can a witch who can only cast one spell solve a murder?

Maddie is determined to investigate her customer's death - with the help of Trixie, her cat (and familiar), and Suzanne, her best friend.

This is a clean paranormal read with humor and fun!

The Faerie Guardian

Author: Rachel Morgan

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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She's fae. He's human. He should never have followed her into the fae realm…

Violet has one job: protect humans from dangerous magical creatures. It's a job she's good at—until the cute human guy whose life she just saved follows her into the fae realm.

Now she's broken faerie law, risking her future at the Guild of Guardians. She needs to get Nate home and make him forget everything he's discovered—but it won't be nearly as easy as she hopes.

Someone has been waiting for Nate, and now that he's entered the fae realm, a dangerous plot is set in motion. Vi is about to find herself fighting for both Nate's life and her own as the two of them are pulled deeper into the darker side of the fae world.