Author: Chris Keniston

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Deal starts: January 17, 2020

Deal ends: January 18, 2020


On a barren road in the pre-dawn hours, Adam Farraday, the oldest of seven siblings, happens upon a disabled sports car and an angel in white searching for a disappearing dog. What is it about this secretive redheaded beauty that intrigues him as no woman has before?

After learning her fiancé's true nature minutes before her wedding, Meg O'Brien drives as fast and as far away from her world as she can. Stranded with no money, and nowhere to go, the city girl must learn to fit in to small town life and all its quirky trappings. Too bad falling in love with her handsome rescuer is not an option.

The Summer of Consent

Author: Jayne Marlowe

Category: New Adult Romance

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Deal starts: January 16, 2020

Deal ends: January 19, 2020


When does a girl become a woman?
Is it when she graduates high school?
When she turns eighteen?
Or when she loses her innocence...?

Gloria Goodman desperately needs extra money for college. Nate Larsen desperately needs office help. Gloria wasn’t Nate’s best—or favorite—student, but she is his only applicant.

When Gloria impresses him with her office skills, Nate sees her in a new light.

The summer heats up and so do they. But will their desire for each other destroy them?

The Invisible Chains

Author: Andrew Ashling

Category: LGBT

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Deal starts: January 10, 2020

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He is a prince of the Royal House of Ximerion, a fiercely competitive dynasty. He is only sixteen years old when his father, the high king, gives him and his older half-brother — and rival for the succession — a prestigious title with no substance. While their father and older brothers confront a major power in the south, the young princes are packed off to defend the northern borders against raids by barbarian tribes.


The army they were given by their father is far too small to defend the Northern Marches, not to mention that the experienced general — and friend of their father — who leads the army doesn't seem all that eager to fight. Neither are the northern lords or the local population interested in defending themselves. And money is scarce… The half-brother princes begin to suspect they were set up for failure by their own father.

Then the unthinkable happens, and the youngest prince finds himself a captive, all alone, without friends, in a faraway region and surrounded by enemies, among which foremost his own family. If he wants to survive he needs to grow up fast.

An epic fantasy story in an alternative historical medieval setting, packed with action and adventure, politics and intrigue, but also friendship, love and romance.

Warning: the protagonists of this novel are gay and there are explicit scenes of man on man action. This dark fantasy also features some cruel events, none of them gratuitous, but some readers may find them too hard.

The Awakening

Author: Lisa M. Lilly

Category: Fantasy

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Only a stranger believes college student Tara's claim that she's pregnant yet still a virgin. But the powerful cult he belongs to turns on her upon learning the child will be a girl. Abandoned by friends and family, Tara fights for her life and her future. And seeks the answer one question: Are she and her child meant to save the world -- or destroy it?

The Rebirth

Author: Crystal Dawn

Category: Science Fiction

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Andrea Staton, an Army Colonel, dedicates her career and her life, to finding the hidden doorway from Earth to the planet Amazon. She is expecting an advanced world that she can learn from, but she is surprised when she discovers a primitive world that is at war with Gallegos, the closest planet to them.
She must learn to be a warrior and to deal with the men here who she finds very different and much harder to resist than the men from Earth. Can she choose between the men that pursue her? During her journey, she finds that not only can one person lead to great change, but also that sometimes you can't fight fate.