Build your Author Platform with a Purpose

Author: Mimika Cooney

Category: Advice & How-To

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This book will take you through an accelerated author brand development process.

Building an Author Platform from the ground up as a writer can seem daunting, especially if marketing is not your jam. Authors are now expected to do more and more work to promote their own books as publishers are not interested in invisible authors. It’s imperative that writers take control of their marketing, and build their author platform online.

The social media landscape has altered the way writers, readers, and publishers connect. The process of going from unknown to influencer is now more achievable than ever. Achieving social proof, brand recognition, and association with the right people will set you up for success.

This book will take you through an accelerated author brand development process. The strategies shared will walk you through the process to create a powerful personal brand. You will discover how designing a personal brand and identity is tied to your strengths and your unique writing style.

Are you passionate about an idea and on a mission to share your ideas with the world? Are you dreaming of becoming a successful published author? Does the concept of marketing scare you? Are you overwhelmed with technology?

It’s now more important than ever that as a writer, you use the right strategies and proper research before you start writing your book.

This book will help you uncover how writers are harnessing the power of the Internet, and their own creativity, to build a successful author career. There are mistakes that authors should avoid doing on the Internet that negatively affects their reach. Social media makes building an author platform easier than ever, but many authors struggle to get it right.

With proven strategies, easy-to-replicate formulas, and practical tips; this book makes it easier, less expensive, and more possible than ever to stand out from the crowd. The tips apply no matter if your goal is to become a full time author or speaker, launch a business or grow a ministry.

In this informative guide you will walk through the process of building an author platform without the overwhelm. Even if you are technologically challenged, this book will guide you with easy-to-follow actionable steps. It shares how to navigate the changing world of book publishing and how you can get your book to market faster through self publishing.

We cover up-to-date best practices using new media like Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Email marketing, Television, Podcasts and working with the Media.

In this book you will discover:

  • A personal branding strategy to help you create a powerful brand.
  • Strategies for marketing your books to reach your ideal readers.
  • Best practices in email marketing to grow an audience fast.
  • A personal branding social media strategy to become a recognized name online.
  • Social media marketing strategies to boost your visibility.
  • Email marketing free tools to get started quickly.
  • How to work with publishers, editors, publicists, podcasters, TV and the media.
  • The do’s and don’ts of Facebook and Video marketing.
  • How to self publish a book to elevate your authority in your market.
  • Book marketing strategies to put you on the path to best seller success.
  • Leveraging Facebook and Amazon AMS advertising to grow book sales.

What Survives of Us

Author: Kathy Miner

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree and Winner of the National Indie Author Award

Naomi sees her first corpse in a Colorado Springs grocery store, but it won’t be her last. With devastating speed, a plague sweeps first the city, then the state, then the world, leaving less than 1% of the population to go on. Naomi, a gentle and sheltered housewife, finds herself fighting for survival in a world populated by desperate people, where might-makes-right, and mercy and compassion are in short supply. Fellow survivors Jack, a youth minister from Woodland Park; Grace, a 17-year-old high school student from Limon; and Naomi’s daughter Piper, a student at the University of Northern Colorado, all find themselves searching for a safe path forward…because it’s not just the world that has changed.

The plague that decimates the human race also pushes mankind into evolutionary change. Those who survive are different, profoundly so, in ways they are just beginning to comprehend. As Naomi struggles to protect and reunite what’s left of her family, she must also learn to understand and accept the changes in herself. In this strange new world, her survival, and the survival of those she loves, depends on it.

Island Redemption

Author: Suzanne Cass

Category: Romantic Suspense

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She’ll do whatever it takes. He’s a tempting distraction. But in the end, there can be only one winner.
Cilla Parsons isn’t fooled by the soft sandy beaches and crystal-clear water on this beautiful island. It’s no paradise. There’s a battle for survival going on and she’s here to win. And things are all going according to plan. Until she meets broad-shouldered, irresistible Tam Conner.
Tam isn’t deceived by Cilla’s fierce independence. But when he and Cilla become close after she’s injured in a wild tropical storm, he starts to understand there’s more to life than just money.
As an undeniable attraction sizzles between them, will Cilla tell Tam she loves him, or reveal her ruthless side and win at all costs?
Suzanne Cass’ romantic adventure is easy-to-read, fast-paced and thrilling, culminating in an ultimate life choice.

Night’s Caress

Author: Mary Hughes

Category: Paranormal Romance

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In this small town, nothing is as it seems…
When artist Brie Lark left her vampire ex and her straitjacket of a hometown
to breathe free in New York City, she promised herself two things: she’d never go back to Meiers Corner, and no more vampires. The last thing she expected—or wanted—was to be sent back home on an assignment. But her boss at the FBI needs her undercover on a murder case, working with a black-haired, black-eyed giant god of a man who’s her idea of perfection, except for one thing—he’s a vampire.

FBI Special Agent Seb Rikare is an ancient vampire hardened by loss. He’s cut all emotions to protect himself and leads a deliberately steady, almost sterile life. The brash young woman forced to pose as his lover irritates him, with her jangling bracelets and colorful hair. But as much as she irritates him, he finds himself drawn to her lively spirit and he’s tempted to make fantasy a reality.