Author: Lindsay Taylor Dellinger

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

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"...I teetered dangerously somewhere between a four-legged furry friend and a one-way flight to a Mediterranean country where the fine men were just as abundant as the fine wine..."

Live vicariously through Lindsay Taylor Dellinger's 20 online dates with 20 different men as she recounts the sweet to the downright absurd. From charming one-night stands to grown men spooked by skeletal art to long-distance allure and more, Lindsay tells her story over the course of one year with a humorous edge and unexpected anecdotes that will touch your heart, make you relate, and keep you turning the page.

"...I was sixteen years old when I became familiar with heartbreak, when I developed a disdain for whoever made up the whole sticks and stones bullshit..."

The thirty-three-year-old weaves her dating tales through a contrasting lens of countless hours of therapy, copious amounts of wine, solo travel, and an unforgiving past with the kind of vulnerability we all crave. Dating, in general, is hard, but dating after divorce? Much more complicated. This date book for couples, singles, and men and women alike explores healthy relationships, toxic ones, and everything in between.

"He dropped the bomb, the other shoe. It was the proverbial catch I always find myself waiting on when things seem too good to be true."

Unlearning is one of the most difficult things we do as humans. Lindsay's online dating book pulls you in as she attempts to break a poor decision cycle that leads to emotionally unavailable men. With an initial reluctance to meet someone online, she takes on the challenge of dating apps and frivolous chats to find something meaningful and real. Filled with relationship and dating advice, Swipe Write will have you turning the page into your next online dating adventure.Will she or won't she find her "Ride or Die" online?