Author: John Corwin

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Justin's best friend wants to murder him and use his blood to raise a vampire army. And that's just his first problem.His parents are hiding dangerous secrets from him. The girl he falls for is sworn to kill him. A finicky feline shifter wants to make him his plaything, and a bounty hunter has his family in the crosshairs.But Justin's got a gift. It's not Axe body spray or Sunny D, but if he can learn the ropes, he might survive and save the city from a vampire invasion. WHAT IS THE OVERWORLD? Overworld Chronicles - 15 Urban Fantasy action books.Overworld Underground - 2 books of demonic thrillers.Overworld Arcanum - 5 books of wizarding murder and mayhemIn other words, the Overworld is an entire universe of literary crack. So what are you waiting for? Buy now and get your fix today! You might love the Overworld Chronicles if you love:Jim Butcher's Dresden FilesKevin Hearne's Iron DruidVampiresLycans and other shiftersWizards, warlocks, sorcerers and other magic castersAngels and demonsPuppies and kittens