Suspense Thrillers & Romantic Suspense Collection: Books 1–5 by May McGoldrick

Author: May McGoldrick, Jan Coffey

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Trust Me Once - Attorney Sarah Rand returns home to discover that she's a dead woman. It was a case of mistaken identity, and no one knows that Sarah is still alive—except the killers still hunting her. With danger closing in, Sarah must trust to Owen Dean, a Hollywood celebrity with dark secrets of his own...
Twice Burned – Twenty years after tragedy claimed the lives of her parents, Lea Hardy returns to her hometown to save her brother from execution. Friendless, Lea turns to Mick Conklin, a man she is attracted to but whose allegiance she's unsure of. The truth will blow Stonybrook wide open, and they need to find the real killer before the two of them are caught in the blaze.
Triple Threat - Just weeks before Independence Day, a Betsy Ross flag goes missing, and FBI Agent Nate Murtaugh has just ten days to find it. His search takes him to Philadelphia and to Ellie Littlefield, a savvy art dealer with connections in the underworld, and the two of them must navigate a world where murder is just a way of doing business. Only Ellie and Nate have a chance to stop a disaster, but the corporate powers behind it all refuse to let anyone—even a US President—stand in their way.
Fourth Victim - Two decades ago, the mass suicide of a New Mexico cult shocked the nation. But now, someone is ushering the last of the cult's 'chosen' disciples into the next world. For survivor Kelly Stone, now the mother of a three-year-old, the past is closing in, and this time there is nowhere to run. Ian Campbell is a cop with personal ties to the cult tragedy, and he will risk everything to keep Kelly alive. But it all comes down to a daring game of courage to decide the fate of the fourth victim . . .
Five in a Row - Computer guru Emily Doyle has become the obsession of a hacker determined to capture her attention by killing innocent people. Emily recognizes the technology being used to gain control of the victim's vehicles, but she also realizes she's connected to each of them. Casualties are mounting, and investigator Ben Colter joins Emily to stop the hacker. But can they do it before his twisted mind moves from virtual reality to international terrorism...and kills them both?