Author: Donovon Jenson

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I have a few questions for you. Are you miserable at work every day? What are you getting out of your job? Have you seen promotion opportunities open for you? Do you have good relationships with coworkers? How often are you stressed out, even after you get home? Does feedback from your boss make you feel proud, or frustrated? I fully understand those frustrations, and, having been through all of them and more, I want to help. By sharing the principles I’ve learned in customer support roles, hopefully I can cut your learning curve and increase job satisfaction. In addition to sharing actionable insights on how to improve in your role, this book includes sections poking around important, personal questions. Why even care about your customer service job? What can you gain from these jobs? How do you benefit from giving a full effort? I bet many of you are leaving opportunities on the table and wasting your valuable time just like I did when I first started. This book contains the same advice I’d give to my younger siblings, a new coworker, or a stranger on the street. I’ve done everything I can to refine my ideas and present them in a simple yet impactful way. I’ve illustrated the concepts using a mix of personal experience, thought experiments, and logic, to give you multiple perspectives. Between these varied styles, I'm confident you'll gain at least a few valuable insights as you move forward in customer service.