Author: Stu Summers

Category: Contemporary Romance

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"Stu Summers has swept into the world of publishing like a literary wave. Who is this man? Where is this island he writes from? Is Summers' Love a memoir, a fictitious romance, or Stu Summers' unique way of poking at the funny bone of the romance publishing industry? Whatever the answer, Summers' Love will keep you riveted and make you laugh. But ... keep a tissue close by. (wink, wink)." Eva Marie Everson Best-selling & Award-winning AuthorBest-selling romance writer Stu Summers expects fawning praise and flirtatious smiles from his female fans. But when his editor at Little Brown Pelican informs Stu that his latest manuscript is nothing more than a hack-job, Stu's carefully crafted career begins to unravel. Stu has one week to deliver a complete rewrite that meets his readers' demanding standards.

And he would.

If only he could.

But Stu can't write. At least not romance novels.

For years Stu has paid a church secretary on the Outer Banks of North Carolina to "holy" ghostwrite his novels. Only now Hattie May Hall feels God calling her to write paranormal Amish thrillers with an historical fiction, prairie-settler, dystopian, evangelical, slant. With Stu's career on the line, he suddenly finds himself falling in love with Kate Winston, a down-on-her-luck stun-gun sales rep with serious male trust issues. Will Kate be Stu's source of inspiration?

Or, as the clock ticks closer to midnight, will an unlikely pair of hearts collide, providing a shocking climax to the world's biggest stun gun ball?