Author: Katana Collins

Category: Humor

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Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts...

I learned a lot the night my cheating fiancé called off our wedding:

1. A cheater’s gonna cheat no matter how smart you are, how charming you act, or how hot your bod is.
2. Nothing eases the pain of a broken heart like a late-night donut delivery from a hot guy like Liam Evans
3. Said donuts and a pitcher of margaritas do not mix well.
4. Drunkenly declaring that a hot guy is your best friend will not make your tingly bits chill out.

Somehow, my drunken decree making Liam Evans my best friend works and we decide to open a food truck together—The Dump Truck… a late-night junk food truck servicing the broken-hearted.

With our new business venture and the rocky relationship between his brother and my sister, a friendship between us is as far as it can go… until a national broadcast claims that we’re a couple. Now the whole world thinks we’re madly in love, and The Dump Truck business is booming as a result.

And as our make-believe relationship gets all too real, I’m finding that breaking up has never been so sweet...