Stupid on the Road by Leland Gregory

Author: Leland Gregory

Category: Humor

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The bestselling chronicler of human stupidity shares tales of unruly passengers, dumb drivers, and the people who put the “loco” in locomotive . . .
 New York Times-bestselling author Leland Gregory presents a riotous collection of the unbelievably bizarre events and behavior that result when people strap themselves in for a ride. Gregory, who has so entertainingly highlighted humanity’s stupidity in the areas of crime, business, love, politics, and more—now turns his attention to idiots on the road, on the rails, and in the air.
From mind-boggling insurance claims (“A pedestrian hit me and went under my car”), to the cops who went after an erratic driver and found an iguana at the wheel, to the overweight woman who thought the airline purposely put a tag calling her “FAT” on her luggage (it was the airport code for Fresno), these true stories ranging from the horrifying to the hilarious will have you shaking your head at the misadventures that have occurred as people attempt to get from point A to point B.