Author: Wendy Owens

Category: New Adult Romance

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Emmie's past has made her decide people are safer as far away from her as possible.Colin has never met someone trustworthy, including his own family.The last thing their Stubborn hearts wanted was to meet someone who would challenge everything they thought they knew about the world. Will one of them have the strength to fight for both of them to have a chance at something more?Book One - Stubborn Love - Clementine's Story Book Two - Only In Dreams - Paige's Story Book Three - The Luckiest - Mac's StoryBook Four - Do Anything - Annabelle's StoryBook Five - It matters to Me - Kenzie's Story"I just read Stubborn Love and Only In Dreams by @WendyLOwens, both were fantastic!! If you haven't read them you need to." - Abbi Glines Tweet