Author: CoCo Hall

Category: African-American Interest

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After Karma's mother puts her out two weeks before graduation, her best friend Ginger comes to her rescue. Unbeknownst to Karma, Ginger's father had been hiding a secret from she and Ginger for over a decade. Once Karma finds out the truth about Ginger's father she is forced to find another solution. Her boyfriend Andre presents the opportunity for her to move in with him and she happily accepts his offer. Karma knew Andre would take care of her because he always lavished her with beautiful gifts and she knew he loved her. Before Karma could end up starting a new life with Andre, she ends up in a situation that could end her life. Karma wondered how so much could happen to her in one day, and wanted to know what she did to deserve the life being thrown at her. Will she make it out of this mess and be able to hold her own?