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At the end of the series, Caught up Luvin A Beast, we all witnessed the wedding of a lifetime. Promise was able to tame Hurricane 'The Beast' and get him to marry her. She was his backbone, the woman of his dreams and the one he planned on spending the rest of his life with. Unfortunately, during one of their break ups, Hurricane gets so drunk, and does something stupid, that could possibly destroy everything him and Promise built. Arnold and Stella were the perfect fairytale and everyone envied their relationship. He too, worshiped the ground she walked on but sadly, fell victim to his worst downfall. It causes intense turmoil between the two, making Stella take a step back to see, if Arnold is worth the trouble. Meanwhile, lurking in the shadow is someone from her past who has come back to wreak havoc in her life and will stop at nothing to see her in pain for the time he missed, being away. Take a journey with these couples and see if their men are worth the headache or should they leave them alone. Still Luvin A Beast will have you on the edge of your seat, trying to figure out what will happen next.