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At twenty-one years old, Gennico, aka Juice, and his twin sister, Jennifer, aka Jen, are the envy of all socialites. Being born and raised in a life of crime, these two have always had the best of everything. After the death of their parents, Jen and Juice decide they want to take on their parents’ kleptomaniac legacy. With the help of their uncle, Flip, not only have they taken on their parents’ legacy, they have created one bad ass reputation of their own. Ruthless, witty, and money hungry and the oldest of the twins, Juice is known for being the ultimate ladies’ man. Growing up, Juice’s dreams were to be a porn star and a bigger criminal than his father, Nico Rodriquez Sr. If there’s money out there, Juice wants it all and will get it by any means necessary. With his sister by his side, Juice has nothing to fear. When his overprotective ways drive a wedge between him and his sister, Juice is left in the mean streets alone with enemies watching and waiting to knock him off his game.The youngest of the Rodriquez twins, smart, outgoing, adventurous, a spontaneous dreamer and a lover of love and probably the only chick in the hood whose hymen is still intact. Under all those beautiful qualities lies a cold-blooded criminal. She loves no one more than her family, but they can be very overbearing. At twenty-one years old, all Jen know is getting money. She has never been on a date and has never had a boyfriend. Never one to ask for much, all she ever wanted was love, but Juice and Uncle Flip have other plans for her. Feeling overwhelmed, Jennifer packs up and leaves town, making herself a target. When she meets Jaseon “Jase” Meyers, she thinks she has met her perfect guy, but that all takes a turn when Jen discovers that everything she thought she knew about him was all a lie. Jaseon has his own legacy that he needs to uphold which includes taking down the Rodriquez twins.