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Future-proof your body and restore strength and mobility to everyday movements--all from home. You won't believe how much these simple exercises will transform your life and give you confidence. All you need is your body, and maybe a chair and some very light weights.They say 50 is the new 40, and you can make that a reality with streamlined functional training that is designed specifically for seniors and baby boomers! Stay Fit for Life empowers you to move with more ease and efficiency when performing functional movements.Bending, twisting, pushing, pulling, and reaching--exercies targeting these movements make everyday activities such as running, gardening, or playing with grandchildren both easier and more enjoyable. Unlike traditional resistance training that targets isolated muscle groups, the compound movement exercises in Stay Fit for Life engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, helping people of all fitness levels lead more active, dynamic lives.Here's what you'll find in Stay Fit for Life:- Over 60 step-by-step exercises to increase strength, improve mobility, and enhance flexibility, all demonstrated with bright, clear photography - Modifications for every exercise to make it easier or more challenging, including chair and low-impact variations - Three four-week fitness programs designed to match every fitness level - Twenty prescriptive workout routines designed to target specific needs such as lower back strength, posture improvement, aerobic fitness, balance and stability, and more