Stalled by Ava Munroe

Author: Ava Munroe

Category: New Adult Romance

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When Love They Neighbor takes on risky new meaning…
In my defense, I thought he was my blind date. It had been a *long time* for both of us, and a classic case of mistaken identity quickly escalated into something more.
But as soon as I learned Wes Cooper was my new neighbor and my dad’s best friend, I knew what a massive mistake we’d made.
I have a plan for everything, and I was sure there must be some strategy for what to do after an accidental hook up with the wrong guy. I’d just keep to my side of the fence, right?
But then my father had a heart attack, and of course he asked Wes to help me out. Now he’s around all the time, and keeping my distance is off the table.
We might have had an insane spark when we didn’t know who the other was, but I know it’s not smart to fall for the single dad next door. If I give into my crush, I risk a lot more than losing an ally on the HOA board. I’d be putting my dad’s best friendship on the line, too.
Please note: this book is a STANDALONE romance that includes open door romantic scenes coming in at about 3-4 chilies of heat. It also includes occasional incomplete sentences for stylistic effect. Happily ever after is guaranteed, cheating is banished, and swoons are promised. If this sounds like your cup of tea, enjoy!