Author: Susan Alford

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Ten-year-old Lucas Quinn, his twin sister, Lily, and their father Eli are hiking through the Colorado woods one morning when Lucas suddenly perceives an over-powering sense of evil. Paralyzed by fear, Lucas is unable to warn his father and sister until it is too late. Frozen, he watches his father valiantly battle a beautiful demon, and ultimately dies at her hands. A fierce warrior of light appears and helps Lucas escape to the safety of home. Eight years later and still on the run, Lucas and his family settle in a small town hoping to find safety. Soon, Lucas and Lily discover they are a part of an ancient league of twelve Light-bearers called the Sorcha. They each hold a supernatural gift. But they aren't alone? Will the twins find the rest of the Sorcha before the demons seeking their lives find them?Will they unite their powerful gifts and destroy the darkness that threatens them all?