Author: Vann Turner

Category: Contemporary Romance

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He was searching for the perfect woman. But when he discovered perfect love, it was in a man.

Atlanta, 1980. Bob Newell longs for a loving wife and family. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. He breaks free from an abusive relationship and is only a step away from sleeping on the streets, when a sinister figure from his past beats him up and tosses him in the gutter.

Blaine hasn't found intimacy, so he settles for anonymous sex and he thinks the hunk in the gutter would be tasty. So he hauls Bob up from the sidewalk and over several weeks the two damaged men form an uneasy friendship. But when a drunken night at the disco opens the door to his fantasies, Blaine risks sex with straight Bob. It proves to be a mistake and Bob flees in the night.

Renewed danger from the dark figure forces Bob to seek refuge in Blaine's apartment. While Blaine embraces the growing feeling that his new roommate may be his ideal lover, his health deteriorates and threatens their fragile liaison.

Will Bob ever accept that the love he craves was in Blaine's heart all along?

Sometimes Lovin' is Hurtful is an emotionally charged male-male romance, straight and gay. If you liked Brokeback Mountain, or if you like heartfelt journeys of healing and complicated relationships, then you'll thrill at this cataclysmic novel.

Buy Sometimes Lovin' is Hurtful to get swept up in an emotive whirlwind, ultimately settling in love.