Author: Ronika Ward

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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In this open and honest coming of age story Ronika "Bird" Ward describes how courage, resilience and determination helped her overcome her struggles. After being abandoned by her drug addicted mother and her alcoholic father and becoming a ward of the state she quickly turned to a life of alcoholism, and other illegal activities. Where most would have folded under pressure Bird battled to survive the gritty streets of east Baltimore. After losing her sister to gang violence Bird decided this was not the life she wanted to live. Something To Make A Bird Sing takes you on a miraculous journey of self discovery and restoration and will leave readers inspired and motivated to soar.Something To Make A Bird Sing was written to equip women with the following life skills: Overcoming Obstacles, Building positive self esteem, Permission to forgive, Mastering perseverance, The importance of safe sex, and gaining confidence.