Author: Jay Bell

Category: LGBT

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There are two sides to every story. Especially when you're still in the closet.

Tim Wyman hoped moving to Texas would mean a new beginning, but he soon finds himself falling into the same old patterns. Until he meets recklessly brave Benjamin Bentley, who brings love and compassion to his world. Certain that society won't understand what he and Ben have together, Tim is determined to protect their relationship, even if it means twisting the truth. Buried beneath his own deceptions, Tim must claw his way to the surface in the hopes of learning to fly.

Something Like Winter retells the story of Something Like Summer from Tim's perspective, offering previously unrevealed moments and personal journeys as he strives to become worthy of Ben’s love.

Each Something Like... book follows a different LGBTQ character on their quest for love. Central to the plot is the troubled relationship between Ben and Tim, high school sweethearts who continue to meet at different stages of their lives, their chemistry changing with each encounter. Surrounding them is a wealth of friends and enemies, each with their own story, resulting in an immersive universe filled with optimism and hope, heartbreak and healing. While the series doesn't shy away from sexual content, it also focuses deeply on emotion, resulting in an experience that will stay with you long after the final page is turned.