Author: Jay Bell

Category: LGBT

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I remember sneaking over to his house in the middle of the night. And the secret love we used to share. That was back in high school. I never expected to see him again…

Life isn’t easy for a gay teenager living in the nineties. Ben thought coming out was his best chance of finding love. Instead he ended up lonelier than before. After a not-so-accidental collision with Tim, an attractive athlete and artist, Ben is convinced that he’s met his soulmate. Their budding romance is soon tested by spreading rumors, the danger increasing along with their passion for each other until it pushes them to the breaking point.Years later, Ben is attending college in a different state while dating a wonderful guy. Everything is perfect until Tim shows up unexpectedly. Overwhelmed by old feelings, Ben is forced to reconcile the summer-filled dreams of his past with the complexities of his new adult life... But some love stories are impossible to forget.