Author: C.J. Grayson

Category: Crime Fiction

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Jack Haynes rings his wife's missing phone, but when he remembers seeing it downstairs earlier in the kitchen, he goes to hang up, only for it to be answered by strangers who've broken into the house.The strangers are looking for something specific, something which involves his daughter, Lucy, who's witnessed a murder the night before in the woods.But will they find something else - will they find Jack's biggest secret?Jack finds a small, old leather box in the cupboard in the corner of Lucy's bedroom, containing something inside.When he finally opens it, he uncovers secrets worse than he can ever begin to imagine.Secrets that will rip his life apart.Reviews:Sarah Whyte - WowI got into bed 3 hours ago thinking I'll just read a few more pages before I sleep. Famous last words. The first half of the book builds the characters, their stories and hints at some of what's to come. Someone's There goes from nought to 60 at about the halfway point and it cannot be put down! Loads of twists, so many twists! Some you can see coming, some you'll try (and fail) to guess but most come from nowhere and totally shock You! Multiple stories all intertwine to make a fantastic debut! Can't wait for more.'Mills Francis - Brilliant Page Turner! 'Absolutely brilliant! Started this book before Christmas and didn’t get much sleep for a few days as I couldn’t put it down. I was left guessing from start to finish the twists and turns were brilliant you can’t trust anybody. Very well written with lots of different dynamics going on for the characters.'Susan Williams - Expected couple of twists but wow.......'Reading the synopsis I sort of thought I knew what to expect with this book, an intruder in the Haynes family house and couple of twists along the way. My kind of thing, but wow the ‘twists’ just kept coming! And some of them pretty brutal! Love the descriptive writing - I could picture the characters and the surroundings (not always a given in a debut novel). Loved that all the characters had a ‘story’ even the ones you didn’t expect! Page turner for sure. Recommended and look forward to more by the author.'Mark Fearn (Top 500 Reviewer) - Suspense A Plenty in this non stop thriller'Imagine taking some pictures of the sunset, carefree and happy with your ( half secret ) boyfriend and whilst doing so witness a brutal double murder and continue taking pictures, to then be seen by the killers..Lucy will forever regret doing the above and this fast paced thriller is then focused on the chase to get back these pictures and the struggle to basically stay alive, involving her family is just the start of the problems.But the book is so much more than this story, it is layer on layer of other interwoven stories that all meet up and in some way affect everyone in the story, its busy, very busy and there are lots of angles to follow and lots of characters to keep up with, there really isn’t a second to be bored as each page is full of adventure and intrigue, it 100% kept me on my toesIt’s tense and exciting and literally anything could and does happen and I was surprised many times by ‘what went on’The writing is reader friendly and the plots explained well, important when so much is happeningThe last line was chilling, very chilling and VERY unexpected!A fab debut book and read and I also enjoyed the heartfelt acknowledgements at the end which showed just what this book meant to the author to be published5 StarsJohn Turner - Gripping!'A fantastic first novel from a driven young man following his passion for writing.It holds you from the very beginning and you really struggle to put it down. If you like crime thrillers this is terrific and a must read! Looking forward to the next book, well done C.J.'