Author: Chloe Kent

Category: Erotic Romance

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Previously published as SOLD TO THE VERY BAD MENA Dark Contemporary RomanceShe’s a sheltered virgin bought to have their baby.They’re the most powerful men in the world, willing to rewrite history for her.All twenty-three-year-old Piper Peterson wants to do is give her sister a better life than she ever had, but after losing her job as a cleaner in the small town of Silverlight Spring, things just get bleaker… and scarier all on the same day.Piper’s sister goes from messing around on a dating app she set up for Piper to selling her to the mafia… to have their baby.Now the money is in their account, and the three dark, dangerous mafia bosses themselves are there to collect what they paid for, no questions asked.Publisher Warning: Please note that this book contains scenes of a graphic nature and is not intended for sensitive readers or readers with triggers.