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Emily Ford, Author of Smart Budget, shares her real life experiences on how she saved more than $8000 within 30 days! She will also show you how she managed to accumulate more than $1825 with very little effort within a span of 13 months and how you can grow this amount of money to more than $9000 in 5 years.Many do not understand the importance of managing their finances and to save for the future. They tend to splurge unnecessarily, only to regret once they start struggling to support their own needs and the needs of their family.

It's time to break free from the habit of splurging your hard-earned money on things that don't really matter. Learn how to take control of your finances.Build your wealth using proven money saving techniques to enjoy a brighter future, live a less stressful life, provide for your loved ones and enjoy your retirement.

Learn everything you need to know to secure your financial future.