Author: Paulette Miller

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Deal starts: April 07, 2020

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Tianna wakes from her lifelong unquiet slumber and continues her journey of self-discovery. The magical world now knows of her existence and of her connection to the evil Black Dragon, Kai. Her prophesied role in saving all of Lagrangia does not shelter her from everyone’s fear of her growing powers, making it extremely difficult for her to find a place she can call home.If trying to find her sanctuary wasn’t enough, her inner natures are slowly emerging and beginning their fight for control. No nature fights more fiercely than her Black Dragon. Her desires for Kai grow stronger every day leaving Tianna vulnerable to his evil influence and manipulation. This inner battle leaves Tianna weary and desperate for the touch of someone’s loving embrace. Although her split from Nathaniel has left her heart broken, she frantically searches for the one that can give her the strength she needs to survive.As she attempts to face the world head on, she remains at the mercy of fate who continues to drag her down an uncharted path. But will her dark passions lead her into the arms of evil or will someone step out from the shadows and stand by her side to help her fulfill her destiny?

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