Sinful Secrets (Boxed Set) by Ella James

Author: Ella James

Category: New Adult Romance

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A limited-time box set, featuring the first three standalones in USA Today Bestseller Ella James's popular Sinful Secrets series, where every story is inspired by a sin and centered on a devastating secret...

☆ “Tears are dripping down my cheeks as I'm writing this review. OH.MY.GOD. Intense, emotional, raw, nerve wracking, edgy, needy..all the feels.” -Natasha, Amazon reviewer (Sloth)

☆ “This was a masterpiece.” -The Book Branch (Sloth)

☆ “Ella James literally wrecks me with her stories.” -Amazon reviewer (Murder)

☆ "One of the most powerful stories I've ever read. I will, forever, remember it!" -Nelia, Amazon reviewer (Covet)—
SLOTH, a runaway USA Today bestseller with more than 1,000 reviews:

Dear A. –
I am writing to express my gratitude for your gift. There are no sufficient words, but please accept my sincerest thank you.

She writes me back.
I didn’t expect that.
She tells me she’s a lover of chicken pizza and video games, a hot sorority girl with the nickname Sloth. She wants to know something about me in return. She says I owe her.
This is how she saves my life. She doesn’t even know it. We’ve never even seen each other. But I need a reason. Just one reason to continue. She becomes mine.
The anonymity is good. She doesn’t need to know me, but I need her kindness. We both live our lives: a letter here, a post card there. For three years, I escape my demons. And then one day I’m pulled back in.
I’ve resigned myself to what I know is coming. Until the girl I’m seeing shares her nickname: Sloth.
And then the lie I’m living starts to unravel. —

MURDER, a top 50 Amazon bestseller:
Gwenna White's new neighbor is a beautiful, motorcycle-driving enigma. One she can't allow herself to think about. Since the accident that ruined her face and stole her career, Gwen lives under the radar, seldom leaving the bear sanctuary she runs in the Tennessee mountains. She's not reclusive, but that doesn't mean she's looking for a lover. Definitely not someone who looks like that.
Barrett Drake could use a friend: a tall order, since most of his are dead. His damaged hand may be the reason he's out of special ops, but it's not his only wound. Not by a long shot. All that's left between Bear and a new life is one last job. If he can hold on, get it done... He won't be here that long. Just long enough to ruin Gwen's life and make a speedy exit. That's the plan.
But things don't always go as planned.
You can't choose who you love.
You can't fix fate.
And that's the problem...

COVET, a top 40 Amazon bestseller:
Homer Carnegie. Admit it--you know my name. Your kid's got my e-trading card. Your husband sits up straighter when I stroll onto the TV screen. He knows I'm going to crack the bat and save the day. Even your grandma's jonesing for my autograph. But women my age? They're the worst. Or would that be the best?

It's not my fault they line up at the door. They catch my balls all right, two at a time sometimes. Believe me, everybody wins.

At least they did--until the video. I heard TMZ paid a million for a bird's eye view of Homer on his A-game. The only folks who didn't watch with eager eyes? Red Sox management. They want me benched, or worse, shipped off to rehab.
It's a long story, what happens next. How I end up on a boat, bound for the world's most remote island: Tristan da Cunha. Just a speck of dust in the Atlantic.
Except my heart is there.
I don't know that when I step onto the boat.
I don't know a lot of things.
What I'll covet...
What I'll lose...