Author: Henry C. Duggan,III

Category: Action & Adventure

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Here is the story of a 1622 Spanish shipwrecked soldier's fantastic survival trek through coastal and inland Florida. Physical and emotional challenges of the highest order confront him on a four-year adventure through a world few Europeans had seen. The will to live and his instinctive outdoor traits prod him into action, pursuing the return to his homeland.

Written in the spirit of Robinson Crusoe, it tells the tale of a Spanish lieutenant who survives the sinking of the famed silver-laden galleon Atocha off the Florida Keys. Becoming self-reliant in a foreign wilderness, he strives to return home, honor intact, aided by a sharp Toledo sword. Washed ashore, only to be captured by the fierce Calusa Indians, he faces challenges in every chapter.

Memories of his betrothed in Seville haunt him, as he finally escapes and paddles a dugout canoe up the coast, along Tampa Bay and up the historic Suwannee River, striving for sustenance. After surviving alligator and wild hog attacks and being trapped in an underground river, he developed ill toward Spanish authority for placing him in these situations.

He spends time in several missions, trying to revitalize, only to be met by more confrontations. The lure of home finally seizes him and he sets out again. The St. Augustine outpost brings challenges even in the civilized world, but he had a fierce determination to return home, where his sweetheart knew not if he was dead or alive.

Silver Ocho de Reales from Peru is the story's original driving force (see book cover).


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