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They say it’s easy to tell someone that you love them, but showing it is a different thing. Meet Zion, Malik and Kaleef. Three men who all have different ideas of what love is and how they show it. Zion “Streetz” Hanks, who runs the streets of New York, loves Dream more than life, but he has a problem showing it. And after a while, she walks away. Eventually, Zion gets it together and shows Dream that she has his heart. But just as his home life comes together, his street life falls apart. Something that Dream knows nothing about. When it comes down to it, Zion will have to choose if his love lies with the streets or with Dream. Malik “Kid” Hanks is all about his money, and nothing comes before that but his daughter. With a chilled baby mother and all the women at his disposal, Kid is living his best single life. He soon realizes that being single doesn’t stop the drama with the women involved and he finds himself wanting a chilled happy life with one person, his baby mama Alianna. But just as he finally gives in to the love for her that he so desperately tried to hide, Alianna has found comfort in another man.Will Kid allow her to be with this other man, or will he show her that she’s always had his heart and he’s finally ready for something more than co-parenting? Kaleef “Slick” McVoy was in a drama filled relationship with his girl Bailey and things got so bad between them that they decided to take a break with promises of finding their way back together. Fast forward two years, and Kaleef is finally at a point in his life that he’s ready for a relationship and his thoughts go to Bailey. He knows she’s the best and only option, well he did until he meets Summer. She captures him in a way he didn’t expect and he finds himself falling head over heels for her.But there’s just one problem, Bailey and the promise he made to her. Will he do the right thing and follow through with the promise he made her, or will he follow his heart that points at Summer? These men all have different decisions to make and some are harder than they ever expected. Follow them and find out where their love really lies.

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