Short Term Relationships by A.K. Rose

Author: A.K. Rose

Category: LGBT

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In a world where relationships come and go faster than a nonfat, no-foam latte, the singles of Seattle make their ways in and out of each other’s lives—long enough to prove the Seattle Freeze is over-publicized, but perhaps not long enough to debunk its existence.Pour a cup (or two) of your favorite brew and come along for a fun romp through the Emerald City with four friends as they work to let go of the past and look for something that lasts.You might just fall in love yourself.What readers are saying about “Short Term Relationships”:★★★★★“A delightfully lighthearted journey into a slice of queer life in Seattle!” –Chapin★★★★“For me the cast of characters allows for a very grown up view of why people find each other. Rose explores romance, sex, family, friendships, guilt and grief in an in-depth manner whilst succeeding in not languishing unnecessarily in emotions.”– S★★★★★“This book was light hearted and entertaining, easy to get into. The characters were very relatable no matter what your sexual orientation or stage in life is! Highly recommended!” –SMCOLA★★★★★“I needed to escape and have fun. Wanted to read about something familiar but unique. This book checked all the boxes. Kept turning the pages to find out how things were going to wind up for our cast. Interested to find out more about where the characters go next.” –Libraryjeans★★★★★“This book grabbed me from the first page with the smart characters, the witty dialogue and the warmth of the people within its pages. It's a colorful, vibrant world but more importantly, these are people I genuinely cared about as they fumbled their way to happily ever after.” –EllynMeet the cast:Kate Conrad is a short-term relationship specialist–but she doesn’t want to be. More than anything, she wants to find her match, and her software engineer brain steers her in the most logical directions to do so. A chance encounter throws her off-balance and she wonders if she’ll ever find the type of love where you make plans beyond the next weekend and use “we” statements.Liza Barrett values the relationship with her shiny red Specialized bicycle more than any human–or so she thinks. Triathlon rules her world. Love is an afterthought. Until it’s not.Emily Hall teaches about unrequited love through literature in her high school English classroom. She also lives it every day, and her heart wants someone who doesn’t want her back–or even know she exists. Can she translate literature into life and sway her target to notice she exists?Nathan Stapleton is finding his way as a trans man still entrenched in the lesbian community, unsure where his true calling of leading a garage band will take him and determined to make it on the music circuit. When the chance for romance interrupts his plans, all bets are off. Can he have both love and fame?It’s summer in Seattle and the sun is out–along with the rainbow flags–as these singles try to find their mid-life matches, navigating missed opportunities, mismatches, and misinformation. Come along as they traverse dating and life in a world where nothing is guaranteed, and everything is on the line.