Cosmic Beginnings – The Mystical Adventures of the StarRats

Curiosity, possibility, kindness and connection are the gifts found in this creative and exciting new retelling of the Creation-Story.
Welcome to the adventures of Rat Dark and Rat Light, two celestial beings born from the pure stardust of an exploding star.

As the cosmic stardust descends to earth, it becomes reversed and STAR turns into RATS, and so the adventure of the StarRats begins.
As our heavenly duo are “born,” a wondrous world is revealed. Not knowing yet of earthly ways, our new friends rely on help from a cast of earthly creatures as they traverse the Path of Possibility.

As they learn, feel, and experience new things, our StarRats share their own unique gifts with all they meet. This is only the beginning of their adventure!

Ally’s Swirly World

The untapped secret to approaching tantrums and relieve stress and anxiety for toddlers and their parents. A darling story on the power of mom’s love that perfected an at-a-glance understanding of the uniquely powerful scientific approach to escape tantrums and build anger management coping skills.

“Ally gets upset when it’s time to leave the park, and mom has a way to help calm her down. It (..) will help a child realize that all feelings are okay and there are ways to feel better.” – C. Smith

“To explain feelings on a level that small children can understand is always a great thing. Then adding the game of counting red cars is an excellent way to decrease the anger quicker with fun.” – Stacey Langley

“Illustrations are fabulous!” – Deborah Lane

“It gives a metaphor a child could easily understand to work through negative feelings and come out in a calmer place at the end.” – Ashley E

How to Save the Dragon

The cute story that perfected an at-a-glance understanding of the uniquely powerful scientific approach to anger management for kids.
The adventures of an anxious dragon & a wise revealing the untapped secret to approaching tantrums and teaching impulse control to children.

Long before children learn to express themselves in a calm, focused manner their impulsive emotions can guide how they interact with parents, siblings, peers,and teachers. And without proper guidance on how to turn these feelings into a positive experience, it can impact relationships, early learning, and the ability to communicate effectively.

Led by Wrinkles and Flappy, How to Save the Dragon: Instrument Book for Teaching Impulse Control to Children is an engaging, magical journey that can help parents improve their child’s behavior by teaching them how to control their emotions in stressful or overwhelming situations and create better understanding for everyone.

Good Night Evil

Good Night Evil is a collection of five short stories that transcends time and genres. Each tale is a unique world of fascinating characters and their unforgettable stories.

Embraced by the Cemetery: Will the woman who escaped being hanged at the gallows be delivered from evil in the cemetery?

Amorosa’s Garden: Amorosa grows magic in her garden that has the power to plant love in peoples’ lives.

Prince of Light: Saint Michael battles with Satan in a fight to rescue the willing from hell.

The bell rang 30 times: Will the peals of the great bell lift the veil of death?

Incorrupt Passion: For eleven years she suffered his death in vain.

Buffalo Dogs

He’s the greatest hypnotist in known space.

And it might cost him his life.

The Amazing Conroy series is an intergalactic adventure by a 6-time Nebula Award-nominated author. Mind control, manipulation, and mayhem abound in a story that will keep you brilliantly entertained.

Enter the delightful universe of the Amazing Conroy for free when you click Download Now.

10 World Wonders

Are you ready for a FUN and UNIQUE adventure!!!
NEW books are launching that will make kids excited about exploring the world we live in!!!

Arthur is a happy, full-of-energy dog that just can’t sit still. He loves to travel, meet new people, and visit amazing destinations. Join Arthur on this exciting, fun-filled and rhyming adventure around the globe. Jump in and explore the 10 magical World Wonders that have this planet buzzing in excitement. Learn what makes each Wonder special and have a great time in the process, as you jump from one part of the world to the next just by turning the pages of a book. Don’t wait another second—Adventure Awaits!

Our story:
It is not often that we get a chance to step away from our daily lives and enter the exciting world of the unknown. It is our hope that this educational book takes you to places that will excite you as much as they do our family. Educating kids is our passion and we hope that reading this book will open their minds to the wonderful destinations that exist on this planet. We are excited to have you travel with Arthur and help kids grow from being curious young adventurers, to adults who are full of creative imagination. And when we open our minds to the amazing creativity that this world has to offer, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Yara’s Tawari Tree

Yara lives with her Mama in the lush Amazon jungle. She wants to rescue her beloved but increasingly besieged rainforest home. When Yara falls gravely ill, the forest returns the love and saves Yara’s life.

I Smile For Grandpa

This heartwarming ebook is available FREE for 1 week during Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. It explores the touching relationship between a grandfather and his grandchild, Little Buddy. When Grandpa is diagnosed with a dementia disease, Little Buddy realizes playing soccer together won’t quite be the same. But, while the activities that Grandpa can do are changing, there is still much fun to be had. In fact, spending time with each other is as special as ever!

Using delightful illustrations, dementia is compassionately explored through the innocent eyes of a child to create understanding. Written by Registered Social Worker and Dementia Care Expert, Jaclyn Guenette / Edited and Illustrated by Award-winning Author & Illustrator, Kathryn Harrison.

Also includes tips for speaking with your child and a useful Q & A section after the story. Supports the Alzheimer Society of Canada. If you take advantage of this special offer, your review of this book would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

Pleasing Sarah

Andrew has a problem in the bedroom, but he will be the last one to admit it. He likes to brush it off like it’s nothing, but it continues to bother him.

His last attempt to please his former girlfriend with oral play left her dissatisfied, thus leaving him feeling embarrassed and with low confidence. But then, he met Sarah…..

Their relationship is growing more passionate and intimate, but Andrew’s previous embarrassments are holding him back from pleasing Sarah like he desires. Sarah’s a few years older than Andrew and she has experience in the bedroom… and in more ways than one. She’s confident and knows that she can coax him into oral mastery.

Will Andrew be able to do it with her help? Can she help him? What will be her reward? And finally, can Andrew please her like his heart desires?

Amazing Pigs!

Looking for a fun, educational book for children about pigs?
AMAZING pigs! will engage and teach all young readers about the wonderful world of pigs and share amazing facts and brilliant real-life pictures of pigs in action.

Learn about:

What pigs eat
Where they live
How big they are
How they can swim
Baby pigs
And more

Written by a mother for her own young children to learn about animals, AMAZING pigs is part of the “Kids Discover the World” series designed to engage young children and take advantage of their curiosity in the world around them while teaching key facts in a fun and easy to digest way.

Each fact is presented with a real-life photo to keep kids interested and help them learn about these amazing animals.

Meet the pig today and find out just how AMAZING! they are!