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The Angry Dragon

The International Bestseller, *Updated version
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Why Dragons So Angry? Despite our best efforts, reality doesn’t always meet our expectations. There is no need to be upset or mad.

Here’s what readers are already saying about this amazing picture book:

“A must for any quick-to-tantrum kids” — Kim

“‘This is a good starting point to chat to a very young child about emotions” — Jacob

“This is the best book for the ever-shifting moods of preschool kids. ” — Sam

George has a pet dragon called Joe. Joe always gets angry when he doesn’t get what he wants, or when things don’t go his way. Little boy tries to show his friend, that being angry is not normal. In the end, Dragon understands that treating others with kindness is the best way to go.

Warning: Cuteness Overload!
This childrens book contains illustrations of a cute dragon. Lots of them. Enjoy these little sweeties, perfect alongside beautiful rhymes.

You and your kids will love this book for ages 3 5…grab it now while it’s still available at this discounted price.

Bel & Pip’s Apple Adventure

Bel and Pip are two very little people who have very big adventures. When Bel and Pip find the perfect apple for their crumble, they aren’t expecting to bump into a mean wasp. But the wasp is in for a surprise of its own. Follow Bel and Pip on their first adventure and find out their recipe for the most-delicious-ever apple crumble.

Bel & Pip e-books are illustrated and designed to be enjoyed even on very small screens and to look great on both black-and-white and colour displays.

Bring Your Bills Down First

Bring Your Bills Down First provides its readers with a fresh look at their personal finances and where it can be improved. The book focuses on residential energy consumption, where those costs can be cut, and how to invest that money properly. It helps readers to understand that SAVED money and MADE money are one in the same. By providing specific examples, and a tried and proven 3- phase plan, this book provides the average homeowner with the knowledge that big solar and electric generation companies keep from them. Make a couple small changes, grow your savings, and start making investments that will make an impact on your bills, and climate change.

Your Body Talks to You

he body has a simple language that children and adults can understand.

Many adults and children experience some kind of discomfort in their bodies at some point in time. Many of these discomforts is not quite understood. These discomforts is the bodies way of talking to us telling us that something is not quite right within the functions of the body.

Statistically it has been shown that children are now being diagnosed with adult chronic illnesses. When children suffer discomfort they do not know how to express these discomforts due to a lack of understanding how the body talks to them. In turn these discomforts can affect their lives on a personal level and even their future.

This book aims to introduce the simple language of the body to help children and adults to make better decisions regarding their health by understanding the language of the body.

This book is filled with fun and colorful pictures for adults and children to enjoy.

The information in this book has a simple yet powerful message to bring awareness to the language of the body preventing chronic illnesses later in life.


Most people’s worst fear is being told that they are suffering from a chronic illness that will require them to take medication for life. The same applies to Type 2 Diabetes.

Having been confirmed that you are a type 2 diabetic can be heartbreaking, however, you can manage diabetes and live a long and happy life.
Your doctor or health professional will most likely prescribe medication, but with weight loss and a healthy diet there is a chance you may eventually control your Type 2 Diabetes without the need for medication.

The secret is to avoid the ‘bad foods’ which will be covered in this book, and stick to healthy foods, as well as the diabetes ‘super foods’.
This book will show you how to eat and what to do to facilitate weight loss and maintain a healthy weight. Of course, you cannot lose weight without following a proper diet, and you cannot enjoy true flexibility in what you eat if you are overweight, and the fat in your body ensures that your insulin resistance is too high.

This book will explain everything you need to do NOW to manage Type 2 Diabetes and live a happy and fulfilling life

Here is a preview of what you will learn

– The Diet Factor: Controlling Type 2 Diabetes With A Suitable Diet
– The Carb Issue: What Carbs Are Recommended?
– The Protein And Fats Issue: What Are Suitable For Type 2 Diabetes Patients?
– What Are Diabetes Superfoods?
– Foods To Avoid
– How Can I Make Healthier Choices If I Am Eating Out?
– Food To Eat: Tailored Meal Plans
– Weight Loss Tips And Strategies To Control Type 2 Diabetes
And Much, Much More!

A Baby for the Heartsick Widower

Widowed with a young child and deeply in debt, Sally Jones has no choice but to seek a new life out West, and Davis Carter seems like the right man to start over with. His letters say he is God-fearing man with a young son, and she tells him that she can provide them with the woman’s touch their home is missing. But what she doesn’t tell them is that she is traveling to their home with her daughter, Katie—and she has no idea if Davis will accept them.

Seeking a teacher and mother for his son, Davis is not looking for love, but only for a woman’s touch to help bring some structure back into their lives. His son’s upbringing is important to him, so when Sally meets him with her own daughter—a daughter she neglected to mention in her letters—he is furious. How can she give his son the attention he needs, when she will be busy with her own child?

But sometimes, anger is simply an expression of fear—the fear of losing a loved one once again.

A Beginner’s Guide to Learning HTML

If you’re putting anything up on the web, learning HTML will help you make cleaner, clearer content, whether you’re embarking on a new career in web development or just adding another weapon to your zombie fighting arsenal.

But so many books about HTML are boring and technical. You barely get to kill any zombies in them! Not so here. You’ll be taking zombies out left and right as you learn about HTML, how it works, and put it into action. You’ll have lots of practice adding both fun and analogies that help the concepts stick like zombies to an apocalypse.

Besides learning how to punch a zombie in the HTML5, you’ll learn the major HTML elements that make up a modern web page and how to put them to good use. You’ll learn the structural underpinnings of a web page, how to markup text, how to wrangle attributes, and ways to embed images, audio, and video.

You won’t just passively take in the content, though. You’ll use guided tutorials to better understand each tag and concept, and get a handle on how they work.

There’s no reason good learning can’t live right along side good fun. So grab your computer, grab your sense of humor and hit that buy button. We’ve got sites to build.

The Money Lender

Short and Fun read! Truly Entertaining and Witty.
The book is a collection of short stories, narrated through the eye of a small town money lender. As the story unfolds, we get introduced to the unique characters in the town and their bizarre issues. How the money lender provide solutions to their problems in the most humorous and practical manner form the crux of the book.
The t stories are about relationships and the happy-even-after. The stories are genuinely sweet. The characters come across in only a few words, and it doesn’t matter where you live, some of these people will be immediately identifiable. It seems small towns are much the same the world over.

Circle’s Search

Circle is a happy shape that feels content with his little home . However, Circle feels there is something missing. Come join Circle in his search and meet new shapes throughout his journey. An enjoyable and creative way to introduce shapes, math and social skills. *Bonus activities included!