Author: Estelle Richards

Category: Cozy Mysteries

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She’s done with the movies, but the movies aren’t done with her. Lisa Chance has it all. Her coffee shop is starting to succeed and her relationship with her new boyfriend is getting closer. She doesn’t miss her old life in Hollywood at all. But when a film crew comes to town, she’s roped into working on the movie set. Worse, her ex-boyfriend Dylan thinks his role in the film is the perfect opportunity to win her back. Lisa’s delicate balancing act crumbles when there’s a murder on set – and Dylan is the primary suspect. Can Lisa clear her ex’s name? Or will Dylan get a second chance to ruin her life? Book 2 in the Lisa Chance Cozy Mystery series, a series with no graphic sex or violence and no strong language. Read it today!Books in the Lisa Chance Cozy Mystery series: Last Chance for Murder (book 1)Shooting on Location (book 2)Killer Campaign (book 3)