Shifter Agents Box Set: Books 1–4 by Nancy Corrigan

Author: Nancy Corrigan

Category: Paranormal Romance

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A shifter male fighting for love. An unexpected baby. A woman with a target on her back. A love to risk everything for.
Never lead a lone wolf to his true mate...
...then tell him he can't have her.
A criminal stole me from my human family and tricked me into lifetime servitude. I'm a breeder now. Nothing more. At least that's what the criminal who owns me says.
The shifter cop who's in town looking for a killer has a different view of me. Rick calls me his true mate. In my heart and soul, I know he's right. So where does that leave us? I have no rights.
But Rick refuses to let me—us—go. He loves us. And he's going to risk everything, including his life, to save us.
I can't let my true mate die. So now, I'm going to fight for me, for Rick... and for my daughters.
— Mya
A waitress and an assassin with a bounty on his head…
A match made in heaven?
For years, I kept my innocent human true mate safe from me and the dangerous world I live in. Then on the night I planned to skip town, Sara lands in the middle of a botched assassination attempt. Now, I can't let her go. She's a target. So is my infant nephew. And the killers who came after my family should be afraid. Very afraid.
I'm not called an Angel of Death for nothing.
— Ilan
A murder case where the stakes are personal…
in more ways than one.
As a coroner, I give a voice to the voiceless. But the latest body on my slab raises questions someone doesn't want me to answer. With my sister's attacker back in town, I need to uncover the truth. Any way I can get it. Even if that means partnering up with Uri, a Royal feline shifter from the Alexander pride and a by-the-book cop who'd rather keep me safe in my lab...or his bedroom.
— Lyla
Distance doesn't make the heart grow fonder.
It triggers a shifter's instincts to possess.
Ever since I healed Zoe, she's been my responsibility in the group to handle—and to control. I never asked to claim her, and I didn't want to.
Until now. She's the one. My mate.
And the timing couldn't be worse. Other shifters are making bets on how soon I'll lose my title, and fears over a prophesy have made our group a target.
But I'll do anything to protect Zoe, to ensure our pride is a safe place for the future we could have together. All that's left is to convince her—and to prevent my enemies from claiming what's mine.
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From the Author
All episodes in the ever-expanding Shifter World can be read as standalone stories or as series binge reads, and in every book you'll find:
Guaranteed forever fated true mate fairytales with no cheating and no cliffhangers
Strong family bonds between brothers, sisters, pride, clan and pack mates
Excitement, action, adventure, mystery, and spine-tingling suspense
Page-turning paranormal romance full of mystery, intrigue, fast-moving plot, with a satisfying HEA
Modern-day fairy-tale romance with a supernatural spin
Otherworld creatures from Norse, Gaelic, and ancient tales of mythology
Urban, rural and small-town billionaire immortal royal shifters searching for their soulmates
Strong, sweet and sexy men meeting their match in smart, independent and believable real women
Mysterious and charismatic leading characters who both dominant scenes and bow down to love
Vivid descriptions both in the bedroom and out
Colorful language and heart-stopping danger