Author: Melanie Karsak

Category: Fantasy

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An heir to ashes.

A princess without a throne.

Ervie, the daughter of the warrior-shaman Jarl Mjord and the völva Lady Blomma, was born to rule two jarldoms and wield a magical bloodline reaching to Asgard itself. But the Norns have not been kind. Her father dead, now all she has is a famous name and a lingering sense of what might have been. But this Winternights blót, the ?sir will conspire to set the Reindeer Princess on her path toward destiny.

Fans of Viking tales will relish The Shadows of Valhalla series. This sweeping Viking historical fantasy retells the story of the second heroine named Hervor—called Ervie by those who know her well—the inspiring shield-maiden from the Norse Hervarar Saga.

Readers of the Road to Valhalla series will love this bridge prequel novella between Hervor’s tale in the Road to Valhalla series and that of the shield-maiden Ervie.*Please note: Winternights Gambit is a 13k word novella prequel to the Shadows of Valhalla series.