Serious Trouble by Alex McAnders

Author: Alex McAnders

Category: New Adult Romance

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‘I could feel the heat of him on me. I could barely breathe. Parting my lips as my heart thumped, I needed to be closer.’
The problem with falling in love for the first time is that it makes you do crazy things like think you have a shot with the chiseled quarterback with rippling abs, who is not only focused on going pro, but is straight and has a girlfriend.
He is the one who insists we spend time together. That’s got to mean he likes me, doesn’t it? Why can’t I figure this out?
And, how is he going to feel when he learns how much trouble comes with being with me? The only thing I can hope is that we can figure out a way to be together. But could we do it without me getting my heart broken again?
Note: This book is a part of the author's 'Love is Love Collection', meaning that it is available as a spicy romance in 'My Tutor', a wholesome romance in 'Going Long', a steamy wolf shifter romance in ‘Son of a Beast’, and a Male/Male romance in 'Serious Trouble'.