Sense of Danger by Alexa  Verde

Author: Alexa Verde

Category: Christian Romance

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Seven riveting, unputdownable romances filled with love, faith, and danger to warm your heart and set it racing! Sparks and bullets fly as couples join forces to survive, solve mysteries, and find love.
Welcome to Rios Azules, a small south Texas town where rivers and emotions run deep and the secrets are deadly. Will the Danger Girls, a group of childhood friends, all survive?
River Montenegro returns to her small town to help her father, but the infamous Smiling Killer wants to make her his next victim. She grudgingly accepts help from her childhood friend and first crush, Jacob Forrester. Can they solve the mystery of the killer's identity in time to have a second chance at love?
BOOK 1: Color of Danger
Life as the sister of a serial killer is never easy, especially when Mari Del Lobo becomes a target herself. She finds an unexpected—and attractive ally—in Dr. Luke Goodman. Luke couldn't save his fiancée from the Smiling Killer, but he'll do anything to prevent more murders. Can he help stubborn Mari survive long enough to find love and redemption?
BOOK 2: Taste of Danger
Librarian Soledad Sokolova has three days to find a hidden Russian treasure—or she and her father will die. She turns for help to PI James O'Hara, but knows better than to let a player like him break her heart. James is ready to protect her at all costs. Will they escape danger and find treasures of faith, love, and hope?
BOOK 3: Touch of Danger
Cop Ivan Vargas blames Julia Morrison for his brother's suicide, but when Julia is attacked it seems the suicide was murder. He's determined to find his brother's killer and keep Julia safe. She keeps men at arm's length, but needs Ivan's help to uncover secrets someone will kill to keep hidden. Can she stay alive long enough to learn to love and trust again?
BOOK 4: Scent of Danger
To find her missing sister, cop Maya Hutchinson risks her life by posing as her glamorous twin. Under escalating attacks, she accepts protection from dashing PI Connor McNamara. He has his own secrets and is forced to choose between family loyalty and love. When danger draws near, will Connor and Maya survive long enough to forgive each other?
BOOK 5: Danger Under the Mistletoe
Widowed security consultant Rachel Evans moves Rios Azules, but when one of her clients is murdered and her rental is broken into, the former thief realizes danger has followed her. Her neighbor's grandson offers to help. As Rachel's attraction to him grows, can she trust him with her heart—or her secret—before someone takes her life?
BOOK 6: Winter of Danger
When her past threatens former model (and former thief) Jan Hutchinson, she needs the help of the only policeman she trusts—her ex-boyfriend, Luis Powers. He doesn't trust her, but with danger surrounding them, they can only survive by staying together.
BOOK 7: Whisper of Danger
Lydia guards her secret with enough desperation to break off her engagement to cop Aidan Rowe. But when her friend’s child is kidnapped, Lydia has to unite forces with the man she still loves. When the search for the missing child leads her to a trail of past mistakes and painful personal connections, how much will she sacrifice for love and loyalty?
What readers say about the series:
????? "Hits all the right buttons." nanc VINE VOICE
????? "Wow! A great collection of suspense novels... I could hardly put them down." Kim
????? "Thoroughly enjoyed them." Gretan B
????? "Well written stories that grab your interest from the beginning and keep you interested throughout." Topmom52
????? "The twist and turn plots keeps the reader reading till the believable ending. Alexa Verde is a talented writer and the stories will keep you warm and your heart racing." Deutshe Oma