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Are you a teenager who is suffering from low self-esteem?Do you need help to overcome negative thinking and rebuild your confidence?This book will help you do it!Almost every teenager suffers from a crisis of confidence, as they wrestle with the complex emotions of adolescence. Overcoming the problems that you face as a teenager can be difficult as insecurities are heightened and self-confidence plummets. But it is something that can be surmounted when you have the right tools at your disposal.This book, SELF-ESTEEM WORKBOOK FOR TEENS: Rebuilding Confidence and Overcoming Negativity, Quickly and Easily, has been written with young people in mind and is a practical manual that will influence a change in you, with chapters that cover:Why self-esteem is so importantWhat is Healthy Self-EsteemSelf-Esteem SurveyKnow who you areIdentifying your stressorCan’t say noPersonal SWOT AnalysisPrevention methodExercises and TipsAnd much more…Even if you are at your lowest point when it comes to how you see yourself, the good news is that it is never permanent. There are always little things that can be improved and worked on that will make you feel better, almost at once.These can then be built upon until you have completely overhauled the negative impacts that have damaged your confidence, rebuilding you into a more positive version of yourself.Scroll up now and get your copy of a book that could change the way you think, permanently!