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Are you tired, overwhelmed, and searching for the ever elusive “work-life balance”? You want an extraordinary, fulfilling career and you want to be an extraordinary, present mom—without sacrificing either. How do moms who want to climb the career ladder and at the same time want to be present and amazing for their families do it? How do they stay happy, healthy, and not consistently stressed out to the max? How do they maintain friendships and relationships? How do they “do it all” without overwhelm and without guilt? How do they maintain balance?Secrets of Supermom: How Extraordinary Moms Succeed at Work and Home and How You Can Too! provides the secrets you need to have both the career and family of your dreams.Through bite-sized chapters and quick tips, you will learn how extraordinary moms succeed in their careers and with their family with inspiring stories, easy exercises and fast, how-to steps. You will learn:•    Why perfect balance is a lie•    The 4 key secrets every working mom must know•    How to prioritize your mind and your body for highest energy and success•    The critical skills to create a life you love at work, at home, and everywhere in betweenWhether you want to get more done, conquer a big goal, increase your happiness and confidence, or become your very best self, the secrets in this book can help you achieve it. You want to feel like you are serving your family, serving your team, and serving yourself all in the best way you know how. Without guilt. Without apology.You can be extraordinary in your career and an extraordinary mom. You want it all. You can have it.What are you waiting for?Scroll to the top and click that “Buy Now” button TODAY.