Author: Amy W. Ward and Olivia Cayenne

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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The end of the world came with a headache and a fever. What followed was a chaos that consumed.Ninety years later, what’s left of the human race lives in an underground compound – Terra Convex. However, what was once meant to be haven has become a place of oppression and abuse. Amelia is a normal teenage girl - full of imagination, curiosity, and just a little bit of rebellion. Unfortunately, those traits have severe consequences in Terra Convex. In her world, conformity is key; questions are forbidden.Amelia finds peace though when she finds a secret room. In this room is the only window in Terra Convex. High in the ceiling, the window gives her a view of the treetops above her and a sky that nobody in her life has ever seen. Looking up, Amelia is able to push the oppression of Terra Convex away.Until one day there is something else on the other side of the window – a bloody handprint.With a chance that there is life above ground, Amelia has a choice to make. Does she ignore what she has seen? Or does she ask the questions nobody else in Terra Convex dares to ask? One thing is for sure - there are secrets above. What other secrets is Leadership hiding?Secrets Above pulls the reader in and takes them on a grand adventure that could very well be possible in the not-so-distant future. The Giver meets Divergent in this fast-paced novel by mother/daughter writing team, Amy M. Ward and Olivia Cayenne.