Author: Polly Babbington

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Get ready to get lost in the gorgeous world of Pretty Beach all over again. Settle down with a cup of tea ready for the next instalment from the sparkly little town by the sea as we meet Strawberry Hill resident Lottie Cloudberry. The sun is shining, Lottie’s beautiful garden is beginning to come to life and she stumbles upon an idea for a new business which means she might possibly be able to stay in Pretty Beach and keep her old house by the sea. As life gets busy for Lottie, her new business starts to boom and as her beautiful garden is flourishing Lottie thinks there’s no room left in her life for anything else. But just when she’s least expecting it along comes dashing Connor Bally, businessman extraordinaire, and Lottie Cloudberry is swept off her feet in more ways than one. Is it too late for Lottie Cloudberry to fall head over heels in love again or will Connor Bally change all her thoughts of life on her own? ? ? ? If you love a fabulous love story, a gorgeous old tumbledown house by the sea, all the lovely bits and pieces of Pretty Beach, and funny romcoms you’ll love the next part in the Pretty Beach story. ? ? ? ‘Utterly addictive, absorbing and does the trick to get you lost in a whole, new delightful world.’ ‘Couldn’t put this one down, read it in one day. Polly's writing draws you into the lives of the Pretty Beach residents, highly recommend for easy reading, but be warned you will become hooked. KatieH, Amazon Reviewer ‘A magical instalment in the Pretty Beach series. I love Polly Babbington’s writing style and this story of Juliette and Luke is just wonderful.’ W.A.R. Amazon reviewer Immerse yourself back into the cosy little town by the sea, guaranteed to brighten your day, and leave you pondering a new life on the coast. ? ? ? Secret Evenings s is the first in the Lottie Cloudberry Pretty Beach books and book 8 in the Pretty Beach Series. Book 1 (Trilogy 1) The Boat House Pretty Beach (Sallie & Ben) Book 2 (Trilogy 1) Summer Weddings at Pretty Beach (Sallie & Ben) Book 3 (Trilogy 1) Winter at Pretty Beach (Sallie & Ben) Book 4 (Trilogy 2) A Pretty Beach Christmas (Juliette & Luke) Book 5 (Trilogy 2) A Pretty Beach Dream (Juliette & Luke) Book 6 (Trilogy 2) A Pretty Beach Wish (Juliette & Luke) Book 7 (Trilogy 3 ) Secret Evenings in Pretty Beach (Lottie & Connor) Book 8 (Trilogy 3) Secret Places in Pretty Beach (Lottie & Connor) Book 9 (Trilogy 3) Secret Days in Pretty Beach (Lottie & Connor) Book 10 (Trilogy 4) Lovely Little Things in Pretty Beach ? ? ? This is what romance readers are saying about Polly Babbington’s books: ‘What a lovely piece of escapism. I totally fell in love with the descriptions of the decor of Sallie's place. Is she real? I want to go there......really!’ Julie41, Amazon Reviewer ‘5 stars all the way yet again for another wonderful read.’ JudeP Amazon Reviewer ‘This is women's fiction at its romantic best.’ ‘One of my fave romantic comedy novels. Full of feel-good fun, hope and love…’ ‘I honestly loved all of this romantic beach read - strong female characters and oh the romance on the beach...’ ‘An outstanding Summer read if you can’t get enough of contemporary romance novels.’ Julie Loves Reading ‘Fab! I've loved literally everything about this gorgeous romantic read.’ ‘The must-read novel for this summer. If you love contemporary romance books with strong female characters, it's an absolute gem.’ ‘Giving it all the stars! A feel-good read for with a wonderful blend of romance, friendship and relationships.’