SEAL Brotherhood: Legacy: Books 1–4 by Sharon Hamilton

Author: Sharon Hamilton

Category: Romantic Suspense

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First four books in the SEAL Brotherhood: Legacy series, which follows the same nine couples from the original SEAL Brotherhood series, but ten years later. Now readers can catch up on the lives of their favorite heroes and heroines from the original series: their marriages, divorces, children born and family drama. Some remain SEALs, others pursue other interests. But they all are fierce protectors of their brotherhood, the innocent, and fight for truth, honor and freedom. They never quit. They don't care what the odds are. They make their own odds.
Included in this set are:
WATERY GRAVE: Gunny's ashes come back ten years later and Kyle and Christy arrange a cruise to bring him to his final resting place at the bottom of the ocean. But Davey Jones has another plan in mind.
HONOR THE FALLEN: Coop and Libby's story as their family contracts, and expands unexpectedly as a new member arrives at their doorstep just as one old member of their clan is ready to pass on.
GRAVE INJUSTICE: The unthinkable happens to Armando and how he and his family weather the storm.
DEAL WITH THE DEVIL: Nick and Devon find old enemies coming to attack once again which risks all of their lives and everything they've accomplished at their winery and lavender farm.
All these books are also available on audio as well.