Author: JC Kang

Category: LGBT

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"Blistering action, compelling characters, and a host of clever mysteries." --Rob Hayes, SPFBO Winner and Finalist of Where Loyalties Lie and Never Die.She's the emperor’s deadliest assassin......who's in love with her clan sister.With a brewing insurrection threatening the realm, she must choose between love and duty.Because when faced with a nascent rebellion, your decisions could save an empire.Or topple it.---Download The Complete Tales of the Floating World now for eight episodic tales of spy training, sisterhood, and betrayal.This set includes six books, two bonus stories, exclusive artwork, and links to high-resolution posters:Thorn of the Night BlossomsWhite Sheep of the FamilyInterlude (Bonus Story)Wretches of the TrenchTemptress of FatesLast Heir of the NorthSecond Interlude (Bonus story)Last Bloom of the Jade Lotus