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Sci Fi stories have a unique place in the world of fiction. They contain all the imaginative elements that all fiction contains, and requires – but they have one element that none others have. And that one element elevates them, in some people’s minds, to a higher status of creativity – to the status of prediction, of prophecy, and of creative theoretical science itself. The best science fiction books do more than simply spin a yarn (although there are very many great story tellers in the sci fi book world) – they stretch, imaginatively, into scientific knowledge as it stands today and imagines where that knowledge may take us tomorrow. And then they make it human – and, therefore, ‘real’.

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Back in 1953, in what was still the early days of the Science Fiction genre, the great sci fi author Isaac Asimov defined it as “that branch of literature which is concerned with the impact of scientific advance upon human beings”. It is a branch of literature which has grown exponentially, hand-in-hand with the growth of human advances in science and technology and, by the 1970s its purpose, as evidenced in the new style of writing that had developed, had matured into one which wasn’t only concerned with science, but with consequences of scientific and technological advancement. Sci fi author Pamela Sargent then defined it as “the literature of ideas.”

But even that definition doesn’t go far enough. ‘Ideas’ and ‘consequences of ideas’ are now, almost too-limited a way of looking at what science fiction has become. Not only do authors project the advancement of science into the future and calculate the consequences – they assess, in advance, the moral consequences of these advances. They seek to pre-empt the kind of philosophical, moral and ethical issues that might ensue, and consider how to react. Or how our philosophical reasoning might also advance, along with technologies. As such, the best science fiction books are works of the philosophy of technology, and ethics. As new scientists, studying at university, have their work and theories swayed by the latest sci fi novel they read – so, philosophers may find themselves re-reading the self-same novels to obtain a head-start on the new frontiers of philosophy.


But not all science fiction is heavy with tech and theses on the human condition! There is something for everyone in this wide and deep genre of ideas. For pure action and adventure enthusiasts, thriller aficionados, and those wishing to, simply, be entertained – there are books and authors a plenty to go around. And you can start by looking in our list of books below…


Science Fiction Books - Dune by Frank Herbert

The classic of Science Fiction Books – Dune by Frank Herbert

Science Fiction Books - Enders Game by Orson Scott Card

Modern classic Science Fiction Book – Enders Game by Orson Scott Card

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The Test: First Encounter

Content living his life sheltered from the outside world, Ethan needs nothing but his video games, music, and internet to keep him happy. Yet when everyone in the world is suddenly frozen, he wonders if he’s being tested. Determined to find answers, Ethan embarks on a...

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Against a Dark Background

Sharrow was once the leader of a personality-attuned combat team in one of the sporadic little commercial wars in the civilization based around the planet Golter. Now she is hunted by the Huhsz, a religious cult which believes that she is the last obstacle before the...

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The Ultimate Egoist

A collection of the early works of Theodore Sturgeon, acclaimed Grand Master of Science Fiction—featuring forewords by Ray Bradbury and Arthur C. Clarke Although Theodore Sturgeon's reach was limited to the lengths of the short story and novelette, his influence was...

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The Last Everything

Jamie is only 17, but the fate of two universes may hinge on the final eight hours of his life. The desperate chase to the impossible future begins now. Jamie Sheridan’s very bad night worsens no matter how fast he runs. Very soon, he will become a god or a monster -...

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First Wave

COMPLETELY RE-EDITED AND UPDATED. Special Forces veteran Travis Combs just wanted to forget his weary years of leading combat missions while taking an extended rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. As he and his group complete a 22-day trip on the Colorado River,...

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Capes Online Omnibus (Books 1-2)

He didn't want to be in the game. Now he has to save it. Killed on the first day on the job, 25-year-old police officer Nyle Maxwell finds his mind uploaded to Capes Online, the world's biggest and most popular VRMMORPG. Yet the one-way mind-to-game upload process...

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A world-ending meteor. A deadly alien virus. A young man who loses everything...and must survive.Alex Keener has lived all of his sixteen years in Bunker 108. He's walked the same metal halls, seen the same faces, has followed the same rules. But all that changes the...

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Blood on the Motorway

How would you handle a serial killer at the world’s end?The first book in the bestselling British apocalyptic trilogy readers have called "absolutely gripping from the first page".Tom is a layabout ex-student waiting for his life to start or the power to get cut off,...

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The Wasteland Chronicles (Books 1-3)

The first three books of the Wasteland Chronicles - the perfect entry point to discover this bestselling post-apocalyptic series with dystopian and fantasy elements.Alex Keener has lived all of his sixteen years in Bunker 108. He's walked the same metal halls, seen...

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Prophets of the Ghost Ants

Both familiar and fantastic, Clark T. Carlton’s begins the epic Antasy saga with Prophets of the Ghost Ants, exploring a world in which food, weapons, clothing, art—even religious beliefs—are derived from Humankind’s profound intertwining with the insect world. In a...

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The Last Conversation

Audible narration by Steven Strait (The Expanse)What’s more frightening: Not knowing who you are? Or finding out? A Bram Stoker Award–winning author explores the answer in a chilling story about identity and human consciousness.Imagine you’ve woken up in an unfamiliar...

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Altered Starscape

Galaxies collide in a thrilling new series from bestselling author Ian Douglas, as the last humans in the universe face off against a new threat2162. Thirty-eight years after first contact, Lord Commander Grayson St. Clair leads the Tellus Ad Astra on an unprecedented...

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Into Darkness

Winner, 2015 Golden Quill Awards, Best Paranormal/Urban FantasyFinalist, 2015 Booksellers' Best AwardsIn New Vienna, capital of the oppressive global government formed after the Flash, three things are certain: the sun is poisonous, speaking out is dangerous, and...

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A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor

THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERWho has the right to change the world forever?  How will we live online?  How do we find comfort in an increasingly isolated world?   The Carls disappeared the same way they appeared, in an instant. While the robots were on Earth,...

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From the author of the #1 bestselling The Atlantis Gene comes a new novel in which the world’s past and future rests in the hands of five unwitting strangers in this definitive edition of A. G. Riddle's time-traveling, mind-bending speculative thriller.En route to...

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One sixteen-year-old must battle his way across a thousand miles of deadly lunar terrain and face genetically altered super warriors in his quest to recover an astonishing object that will alter the lives of everyone on the moon . . . and beyond.It’s the 22nd Century....

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Zombie Patrol

A METEOR...A MILITARY COVER-UP...AND A WHOLE LOT OF ZOMBIES!Los Angeles County park ranger, Jack Carter, is about to discover that not all is as it seems in his tranquil life. Once responsible for patrolling the many public parks, in particular the popular Griffith...

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The Iron Dragon’s Daughter

A New York Times Notable Book: “Combining cyberpunk’s grit with dystopic fantasy, this iconoclastic hybrid is a standout piece of storytelling” (Library Journal). Jane is trapped as a changeling in an industrialized Faerie ruled by aristocratic high elves and...

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Breach of Contract

The human species is at risk. While some alien civilizations are attempting to provide aid in the way of Data Collectors or those who are genetically modified to collect data on earthlings and be empathic to them; other more aggressive groups are eyeing Earth as their...

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The Land Darkened

A desperate family. Ruthless criminals. Bloodthirsty cannibals. And a glimmer of hope in a Land Darkened.Despite all odds Wyatt and his family survived nuclear winter. But with food supplies exhausted and vicious attacks on their home they’re left with no choice. It’s...

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The Echoes of Sol (Books 1-3)

A priceless cargo. A crew on the verge of self-destruction. And a slave girl distracting the men from their duties. Will they make it to Mars alive?Bit has never known safety—few indentured servants have—but what little security she has is gambled away in a game of...

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Lauren Beukes's frighteningly persuasive, high-tech fable follows four narrators living in a dystopian near-future. Kendra, an art-school dropout, brands herself for a nanotech marketing program. Lerato, an ambitious AIDS baby, plots to defect from her corporate...

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Bounty Hunter

Being a bounty hunter in the wastelands isn't easy, and it's about to get a lot harder.The world went down the crapper a long time ago. Now, ten years after the revolution , things are even worse. With no government, corrupt factions have come forth to stake claim to...

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“Fast-paced, gripping hard SF with death in hard vacuum waiting at every turn.” — Arthur C. Clarke Award winner Adrian TchaikovskyAD 2118. Humanity has colonised the Moon, Mars, Ceres and Europa. Captain Ellisa Shann commands Khidr, a search and rescue ship with a...

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The second installment of the Markaum War series by Mel Odom takes these military sci-fi books to the next level, perfect for readers of Jay Allan's Crimson Worlds novels.He's behind enemy lines. But those lines are shifting beneath his feet.In the jungles of Makaum,...

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The New York Times bestseller Daemon unleashed a terrifying technological vision of an all-powerful, malicious computer program. Now, our world is the Daemon's world—unless someone stops it once and for all...The Daemon is in absolute control, using an expanded...

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Contract of Defiance

WHEN ALL OTHER OPTIONS RUN OUT, NEVER LET GO OF YOUR GUN.In a few hundred years, the Algol system becomes humanity's new home. The question is: is it a better one? When a crew of arms smugglers botches their latest job, Corps-deserter and crewmember, Aly Erikson, is...

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Mr. Spaceship

A human brain-controlled spacecraft would mean mechanical perfection. This was accomplished, and something unforeseen: a strange entity called— MR. SPACESHIP

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The Atopia Chronicles

What could be worse than letting billions die?In the near future, to escape the crush and clutter of a packed and polluted Earth, the world's elite flock to Atopia, a massive corporate-owned artificial island in the Pacific Ocean. It is there that Dr. Patricia Killiam...

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Written in Fire

For thirty years humanity struggled to cope with the brilliants, the one percent of people born with remarkable gifts. For thirty years we tried to avoid a devastating civil war. We failed.The White House is a smoking ruin. Madison Square Garden is an internment camp....

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Fate of Perfection

In a corporate-controlled future where the ruling conglomerates genetically engineer their employees, Millicent Foster is the best of the best.Physically perfect and exceptionally intelligent, Millicent is granted the uncommon privilege of breeding. But her daughter...

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Before losing control of the car I heard Annie yell, “No! No way! No! Luke! Luke! Turn the wheel back! Turn the wheel back!”The car skidded on the wet pavement, fishtailed.Then we crashed into the tree.Boom!All thoughts stopped.The medics rushed me to the trauma...

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New Suns

Winner of the 2020 Locus, World Fantasy, Ignyte and Starburst Awards!“There’s nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns,” proclaimed Octavia E. Butler.New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color showcases emerging and seasoned writers of many...

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The Remaining: Trust

D.J.. Molles' stunning Remaining saga continues in this first novella in the series set in a world ravaged by a bacterium that has turned 90% of the population into ravenous animals. While Captain Lee Harden struggles to fulfill his part in Project Hometown his...

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