School of Charm Series by Maggie Dallen

Author: Maggie Dallen

Category: Historical Romance

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Meet the School of Charm's five lovably eccentric and delightfully misunderstood young ladies in this sweet and lighthearted regency romance collection:
The Misadventures of Miss Adelaide
This damsel-in-distress thought she was spilling her secrets to a doctor. Turns out? The gentleman is an Earl. He's also her new employer.

The Misunderstanding of Miss Louisa
He mistook her for a child. She thought he was a ghost. Their love story...? It was off to a very rocky start.

The Miseducation of Miss Delilah
Delilah's plan was to marry someone rich and powerful, but she never imagined she'd be engaged to the man her friends call Lord Evil.
Falling for the rogue who's sworn to destroy her life? That was also not on the agenda.

The Misgivings About Miss Prudence
Miss Prudence sees the world in black and white. A convenient way to get through life...until she finds herself battling between right and wrong.
Or rather, Mr. Right and Lord Wrong.

The Mistletoe Mistake of Miss Grayson
The School of Charm's headmistress is destined to be a spinster. Everyone knows it. Well...everyone but the Marquess of Ainsley.